Reinventing Your Life, Part 2

In my last post I talked about listening to Luis Carlos Flores ( speak at a conference about reinventing his life and the thought/action process he went through to bring about this change.

  • What’s the goal?
  • Opportunity and Risks
  • Build with the end in mind
  • Collaborate and build your team

Last time we discussed the first item, “goals”, and how focusing on both the big goals and the small goals will drive you into an amazing adventure.

Today I want to talk about the opportunities and risks that crop up on the road to success. How far out can you place your vision? The next block? Three curves down the track? When I was in racing school they told me, “You should always be thinking about the next turn. Don’t worry about the turn you’re in right now…because it should have been assessed before you ever got into it.” The further down the road you look, the more time you have to see, assess, and react to any dangers or opportunities that are headed your way.

Assessing the opportunity and risks

What are the opportunities and risks associated with your goal? What are the possible sacrifices that will come? And, what are the amazing gains you could get?

My goal is to build an amazing coaching business that will help entrepreneur women live their passion authentically. I want you to look back at your life and say, “WOW! Did I really do that? That’s AMAZING!”

During the last year and a half I was trying to work an amazing job, be with my family, travel (a LOT), and start my business. I was juggling it, but then it came to a point where I had to make a decision. Nothing was really getting done well and I was not performing to the best of my ability. My focus was on the turn I was in and I wasn’t even close to being prepared for what could be coming my way, I was barely keeping my tires on the track.

I moved my eyes forward on the track, towards my looming opportunity (having my own business), assessed the curves and risks (not having a steady income for a while, having a “work gap” in my resume, leaving a great job [which was turning into a nightmare due to my lack of attention], the possibility of not actually working on the business and just taking an extended vacation, etc.), and made a decision to hit the gas and go for it.

I know there may be bumpy roads ahead and some sharp curves that I can’t quite see just yet. I can feel the determination in myself to make this happen and am keeping my eyes glued to that next curve in the road. I can see that the universe is conspiring to help me, just as it did for my trip to Venice.

Once you say YES and show the initiative with inspired action, you can make anything happen! Yes, there will be tests to your determination, people will spin out in front of you and you’ll have to take evasive action. The universe will ask, “Is this really what you want?” in so many different ways that you may think you’re on the wrong path, but if you step back during those moments and sit in the stillness of gratitude and opportunity, you’ll be able to see the way towards your goal and confidently move forward along the track.

But for now, let’s get real. What are your opportunities? What are the risks you can see down the road? What resources do you have to get you there? Just like racing on the track, or just going on a road trip, you have to really plan out what you need to cross the finish line and make it to your destination.

  • What map/GPS will you use? (paper map, Google Maps, car navigation)
  • Is your vehicle in good working order? (oil changed, tires and transmission fluid checked)
  • What kind of fuel are you going to use? (Regular, Premium, Rocket, Electricity)
  • How much gas do you have in the tank?
  • When will you make pit stops? (Every 2 hours, when the gas runs out, when you fall asleep)
  • What is the expected timing of your plan? (4 days from CA – NY, 6 hours from Hollywood to Burbank)
  • Who is on your pit crew or will be going with you? (spouse, best friend, dog)
  • How will you know you’ve arrived? (I’ll see the checkered flag)
  • What’s your go to if something catastrophic happens? (AAA to the rescue!)

Remember, “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” [Japanese Proverb] Where does your road lead? I’d love to hear about your plan, let me know in the comments below.

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