Reinventing Your Life, Part 4

This is the final installment of this series. Listening to Luis Carlos Flores ( speak at a conference about reinventing his life was so powerful. I’m grateful to have this chance to really go deep and discuss with you all the thoughts, actions, and processes he went through to bring about his change.

The first post discussed “goals” and how focusing on both the big goals and the small goals will drive you into an amazing adventure.

The second post discussed “opportunities and risks” and how looking down the road continuously will help you plan and pivot with plenty of time.

The third post discussed “starting to build your plan, and team, with the end in mind.” Really keeping your goal front and center as you build the pathway to get there.

Today, let’s talk about Collaboration and Building your Team:

5-7 June, 2015, Long Pond, Pennsylvania USA Jimmie Johnson pit stop © 2015, Nigel Kinrade NKP

Build team/collaborate

Who you have surrounding you is SO important. It is so hard to do anything great when all you have around you are people saying, “It can’t be done.” or “Why are you doing that?” I don’t know about you, but I already have enough of that going on in my own head, I don’t need to hear it from everyone else! When I’m around the “nay-sayer” folks, I don’t talk about my dreams, goals, or business because I don’t need their negativity and doubts to feed my own.

I have begun to cultivate a group of family, friends, and acquaintances who are feeding their own dreams and are working towards their ultimate dreams and goals. These people are not just sitting there saying “Oh, I wanna do this.” They are sitting in the driver’s seat and hitting the gas towards their goals and are fully committed to encouraging me in mine. They are my pit crew and I’m apart of theirs!

These are people with whom I can partner in the future, people with whom I can build a world of abundance and adventure. Becoming vendors to each other, becoming clients, sharing offers and products with our lists, and boosting launches as Affiliates and Joint Venture partners.

  • How are you cultivating your surroundings?
  • Who are the people you’re inviting into your dreams?
  • What are the ways you are keeping the nay-sayers out of your “dream bubble”?
  • How can you help the people in your “dream bubble” and how can they help you?

Even the smallest thing can mean a boost to both sides. Create a Venn diagram to see where the connections can occur. You’d be really surprised at the overlap seemingly opposite businesses can have. A parenting coach’s list can overlap with a critical care doctor’s? A business coach’s list can overlap with a holistic veterinarian’s? You bet they can!

I would love to hear your story. Go ahead and share in the comments below, it will solidify your dream not only in your mind but to the universe!

  • What is your big “dream bubble” goal?
  • What are your opportunities?
  • What are the risks and how are you dealing with them?
  • What is your plan/map to get you to the end goal?
  • How are you building your support, connection, and partnerships?

If you don’t have all the answers yet, that’s ok! You are on a journey and you have plenty of people who can help you out. Reach out to your mentors and coaches. Get some feedback and direction. Don’t have one yet? You can contact me. Your dreams are an adventure waiting to happen and I can’t wait to see where you go from here!

Have an awesome, wonderful, connected day!

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