What is a Possibility?

Merriam Webster defines possibility as:

possibility noun (pos·si·bil·i·ty \ pä-sə-ˈbi-lə-tē \)

  1. the condition or fact of being possible
  2. archaic: one’s utmost power, capacity, or ability
  3. something that is possible
  4. potential or prospective value —usually used in plural

Let’s take a closer look at these…

1 the condition or fact of being possible

There was a time when the idea of a human being flying was considered impossible. Many tried, many died, and most thought that the folks who tried were madmen following in the footsteps of Icarus.

But then came the Wright Brothers who looked at all those madmen, at their designs, all the discovered science, and thought, “I think we can do this!” … and they did.

Now the world not only has airplanes that flit people around the world, but there are those extreme sports enthusiasts who are donning wing suits and jumping out of perfectly good airplanes. (Icarus would be SO PROUD!)

The Possibility of Flight Man flying in wing suit
(Oh, the possibility of flight…This picture is of my brother from another mother, Michael Robe, Real Estate Agent in San Diego)

2 archaic: one’s utmost power, capacity, or ability (your possibility)

I like this definition the most. Possibility is your utmost power, your capacity, your ability…which means it’s within YOU to obtain, you just have to go for it.

The Wright Brothers weren’t any different than the madmen who came before them.

What WAS different was their capacity and ability, and that capacity was due in part from all the experiments, triumphs, and failures from the madmen who came before them.

Their ability drew on the knowledge gained from all those trials and also took a look at other areas that probably didn’t have anything to do with aviation and put together something the world had never seen before.

Their capacity and ability made the world leap forward.

Now, your dream may not be globally world changing…but it could be. It could be the personally world changing thing that leads to a leap forward for the world.

The world will never know, the people you could transform will never know, if you don’t take the chance.

3 something that is possible

Your dream is something that is possible, and it is worth pursuing.

Chances are you came up with your dream after seeing something. You took a look at it and said one of three things.

  • “Oh! That looks cool! I want to do that!”
  • “DUDE! That’s cool, but I think this tweak would make it amazing!”
  • “Hmm… That’s interesting, but what if…?”

It’s possible because you saw something and thought of it. You had an idea and got excited about it. It’s an idea that is forming and wants to come to life.

Your idea is worth working through all the trials, failures, and mistakes to get through the kinks and finally get off the ground.

It may not look exactly like the vision in your head right now, but it is aching to be made real.

4 potential or prospective value —usually used in plural (oh the possibilities)

When you look at a house, you see it’s potential. As you contemplate owning that house, you muse over the possibilities of that house…the yard, the colors, the remodeling, the parties, the family, the memories.

That “house” is your dream…all those possibilities are just waiting for you.

Now is the time to determine your possibility

It is the time of year when people turns inward to review the past year and make decisions about what they want from the coming year.

I’ve created a gift for you to start the juices flowing, download the Quick Goals Overview and get started on your dreams for the year.

Just take 5-10 minutes to look at your possibilities and take that one simple step of declaring your dreams to the universe.

That’s the start of the magic!

Remember: Keep your eyes on the horizon, your hands on the wheel, and your foot on the GAS!!

Let’s DO THIS!

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