Finding your Present State

Last week we started talking about your Future State and dreaming about what your life and business will look like once you get there, now it is time to focus on where you are now, the Present State.

You cannot find the path to where you want to be without knowing and being honest about where you are.

Perhaps you are:

  • Further ahead than you thought you were.
  • Right where you thought you’d be.
  • Not where you thought or wanted to be.

The point is, you are where you are and nothing you do or could have done will put you anywhere else. Congratulations, here you are.

Assessing your Present State

Now is the time to assess where you are and what you have at your disposal.

Don’t fret about what isn’t here or what could have been. That mindset will only bog you down with regret and worry, which is akin to getting your car stuck in the clay that is Georgia mud! (Check out this Mud Bogging competition to see what I mean.)

Find your Present State. Don't get stuck in Georgia mud!

When writing your business processes, just like working on your business, you have to know where you are (AS-IS) before you can start improving (TO-BE).

By listing out your AS-IS process you’ll be able to see any Gaps and address them.

For example, I was writing a process document for Creating a Facebook Ad and as I was reviewing all the steps as I remembered them, I found myself seeing steps I missed or that might cause problems (Gaps). Because I was writing it all out, I could go back and improve the process by adding the steps and/or fixing the problems BEFORE THEY HAPPENED! Thus, creating my TO-BE process.

To complete the “Where Am I” assessment:

  • Acknowledge your business growth. Look at what you’ve:
    • Improved
    • Learned
    • Implemented
  • List out your assets:
    • Products you’ve created
    • Documents you’ve written
    • Ideas sitting on the back shelf
  • List out the tools you’ve gathered:
    • Website
    • Software
    • Hardware

Using in life and business

Another way to look at it comes from my daughter who just moved into a new home and is surrounded by boxes and clutter. She was “stuck in the Georgia Mud” until she was able to assess exactly where she was in the process.

Once she saw that her kitchen was complete, her room was sorted (if not unpacked), her initial living space was clear, she was able to acknowledge the work she had done, clear out the mental clutter, and what she had left didn’t seem as overwhelming.

She thought about her Future State (TO-BE), determined her Current State (AS-IS), and was able to clarify the Gaps, and determine the roadmap to move forward.

Once you’ve assessed where you are and what you have, THEN you can start to map out your road to your Future State. You’ll be able to see what direction you want to go, what tools you’ll need along the way, and decisions that could take you elsewhere will be easy to say no to because it doesn’t support your designated Future State.

Until next time, remember: Keep your eyes on the horizon, your hands on the wheel, and your foot on the GAS!

Let’s DO THIS!

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