Where is your awareness?

When working in your business, where is your awareness? Is it on the task at hand or is it on your business as a whole?

There are times when you should be focused on the task at hand, but you should never lose awareness of your business as a whole, the big picture.

You have a plan for your business and life, or else you wouldn’t be doing this whole entrepreneur thing. If you are bogged down in the day to day of your business, you’re never going to be able to captain your ship effectively.

You need deck hands and sail setters to batten down the hatches during the storms and keep your ship going in the direction you set. You need to stand on the top deck with your telescope and survey the landscape and you can’t do that if you’re stuck tying knots.

Train yourself to be aware. Where is your awareness.

Practice noticing

Take some time in your daily life to stop and notice where your awareness is.

I have a granddaughter who is “clumsy”. She’s always bumping into things. Whenever she bumps into something, my daughter goes through an exercise about awareness. These are the questions she asks:

  • Where were you?
  • What were you paying attention to?

She then goes into the following exercise:

  • Close your eyes and put your hand in front of your face at the tip of your nose. Open your eyes and describe what you see.
  • Repeat this, but move your hand out 3 inches…now what do you see?
  • Repeat again, but move your hand out 6 inches…now what do you see?

Training yourself to become aware of the bigger picture helps you avoid obstacles along the way (like walls and chairs).

By pulling your awareness back from the “single thing” you can see how it all works together.

How does this relate to writing processes?

Documenting your processes helps you to pull your awareness away from the single task and shows you how the system works. You begin to see the obstacles and inefficiencies and can do something about them.

Sometimes it’s necessary to focus on the “one thing” for a short period of time, but that “one thing” should be in line with the “big picture” … and probably should be done by someone else.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, it’s your job to steer the ship…to find the opportunities for your business. It’s not your job to tie the knots, raise and lower the sails, or swab the decks. Yes, you need to KNOW those things, but you don’t need to DO those things!

It’s time to start writing out your processes and handing off those tasks so you can steer your ship towards your beautiful horizon. It’s simple to start. Click HERE to get the First Step to Cloning Yourself free downloadable PDF and start becoming aware of all you do.

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