Expectation of Happiness

What is your expectation of happiness? Is happiness a long lasting, “happily ever after” thing? 

This is the ‘trap’ of happiness.

The happiness you achieve eventually becomes your new “normal”. And once something becomes “normal” it is the human condition to want something new, something to make your life even MORE comfortable. Something to make your business even MORE efficient.

The expectation of Happiness is fleeting, you will always want more.

This is why process documentation is so important. Once you’ve ‘dialed in’ your process everything starts running smoothly. And it works “so well” at the beginning…

Then weeks, months, or years go by and something changes somewhere else in your business. The process that worked so well and you were so happy with, becomes slow and clunky. 

BUT, because you have all the information about how that process works, you can go in and see where it needs updating, where that other change affects this process. 

Maybe it’s an email that’s different or a functionality that has changed. Perhaps something changed elsewhere that makes this process obsolete completely.

We Expect Happiness

Wouldn’t it be great if we could do that for all things?

  • Like emotions and ‘stories’ we keep telling ourselves about what we can or cannot do?

Oh! Something changed over there, that means something over here needs to change! 

  • Oh, that person who held me back as a child is no longer in my life, I can change my perceived boundaries and now branch out into the things I want.

Think about when you first started out on your own. For me that was a long time ago and making $5 p/hour was an amazing thing! I felt rich because, well, it was better than the $7 a week I was getting from my allowance as a kid. But then rent and bills came into the picture and $5 an hour didn’t seem like that much anymore. But $9 p/hour was AMAZING! And so on and so on. 

You may be at a certain point in your business where you never thought you’d be. Making ‘amazing’ money that you’d never thought you could achieve. You have achieved your expectation of happiness!

But there may come a day when the systems you have and the money you’re making just isn’t cutting it anymore. Maybe you’re at that point right now and that’s why you’re looking into Process Documentation, so you can innovate and reach that next plateau of ‘happiness’. 

Create a balanced expectation of happiness

The point is that the goal of happiness and contentment is fleeting, and you will always, eventually, want more, or better. This is a good thing, because that’s what sparks innovation and growth…and that’s what you want in your business (and life). 

Real happiness is a choice and comes from the journey, the journey comes from the goals you set, and Process Documentation is one of the vehicles to get you to your goal quickly, efficiently, and safely.

You can get started on this journey by downloading the First Step to Cloning Yourself PDF and learn how to identify the processes you need to start documenting in your business.

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