Stage 4 – IMPACT

Stage 4, the last stage of a business, is IMPACT.

Remember, in Stage 1 you get an IDEA for a business, and you start learning. In Stage 2 you begin to PRACTICE, implementing all that you’ve learned. In Stage 3 you start to see the FRUITION of your efforts and have the cohesive workings of a real business.

Things start to get comfortable, customers are having a consistent experience, and you are now able to begin to take your mind off the day-to-day workings and concentrate on the bigger vision of your business.

At this point you can settle in and enjoy. Life is comfortable and your business is sustaining your lifestyle. OR you can go for more…more customers, more offerings, more income, more IMPACT. This requires more from you and your team to grow beyond this comfortable space.

Stage 4 Impact

In Stage 4, your business is essentially on autopilot.

A team is established that takes care of pretty much EVERYTHING. You have effectively become the figurehead of the company and your main input is that of strategy and direction for the company.

Your business has gone from lack of confidence, communication, and clarity to inspiring people, building hope, and expanding the dreams of not only your business, but you and your employees.

Time and money freedom are now yours to concentrate on things bigger than the business world. Chances are you will get struck by a new IDEA that will create a large IMPACT on your community, state/province, country, and world.

Two examples are:

  • Stu McLaren (Membership Experience/TRIBE) and his wife created Village Impact to ensuring that children have a safe place to be educated and have access to quality education. (
  • Bill Gates (Microsoft) and his wife created the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation which “fights poverty, disease, and inequity around the world.” (

The point is, you are able to expand into other interests, other avenues of impact, and support for the causes that call to your spirit.

Achieving Stage 4

The best way to get here is to ensure that YOU are not in the middle of everyday tasks. And the best way to do that is to write your processes.

Documented processes give your business clarity both in mission and direction. They give your team clear communications from you on what you want done and the roadmap to complete it. You and your team gains a sense of confidence in the business and what is being provided to your customers.

You and your team will be inspired by the clarity of the business you’re building together. Your team will feel the hope you’re bringing to the world. And support the expanding dream you have for yourself, your business, and your employees.

To start on this journey, download the 3 Easy Steps to Identify Your First Process. Here’s to your great adventure!

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