Building your business awareness

There are many levels of business awareness. To become aware of what you do in your business, you need to pay attention, take stock, and list it out.

Where to start – Business Level Awareness

If you start with your holistic business path, you’ll get some clarity as to how your business flows at the 50,000 ft level. How does your customer come to you? What is their first touchpoint? Where do they go from there?

Business Road Map

Make it simple, don’t go into great detail over this. One or two words about these areas will do.

Once you have your list, you’ll have a clearer picture of your overall business and can focus in on the different areas as you move through this process.

Please note that you may or may not have all the areas listed. Your business may go from Interested directly to High Ticket, or from Interested to Upgrade and skipping initial Purchase and High Ticket, that’s ok. Just outline YOUR business as it stands right now.

Sorting out what you do – Task Level Awareness

As you go through your day, let the tasks you are completing and the jumbled mess that are the thoughts in your brain tumble out onto the paper, audio recording, Word/text document, sticky notes, whatever…just get them OUT!

All the things you think about

Once you have a stack, you’ll be able to move them around, sort them into different categories, and then shuffle them all over again until they begin to make some semblance of sense. Start to move the tasks into where they fit in your larger business roadmap.

You’ll begin to see a flow, a pattern… a road map of the way YOU do business. You’ll begin to build a structure just by listing out and categorizing your tasks.

As you look at these tasks and shuffle them around, you’ll start to see Gaps. You’ll see where one thing ends and there is no transition set up to get you to the next big task.

There will also be a sense of the time in which things happen. A clear picture of what’s happening when. You’ll see where things may be happening concurrently and where there is a singularity of focus.

You will gain a clarity of your business that you didn’t have when you were just DOing everything and getting lost in the weeds. And the best part is that you will start to be able to communicate this to others in a down to earth and descriptive way where they can see it in their mind’s own movie theater.

Gather the internal information of your business

As stated in the article Importance of knowledge to a growing business, “The way a business gathers, shares and exploits this knowledge can be central to its ability to develop successfully.”

How you gather, what you gather, and how you share your business processes will directly affect your business awareness and growth. If you are doing it by osmosis, or what I like to call the Land of You Just Know, you’re not going to grow very well.

But, if you can communicate the essence of your business, the what of your business, and the FLOW of your business, you, your team members, and your customers will be able to grasp their place within your business and get into action quickly.

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