Steps Required to Accomplish The Goal

The steps required to accomplish any goal is the process. Anything and everything can become a process, from washing your car to the most intricate job of launching a human into space. You just need to look at it and document it in order to pass it on to others.

to achieve the goal, don't hold all the cards

The Knowledge to Accomplish The Goal

All knowledge has been passed on from one generation to the next. It has gone from oral tradition, to drawings, to written form.

When things are written down, the author no longer needs to be there to pass on the information. They could be on the beach, by the side of a sick loved one, or passed on from this earth to their next great adventure.

  • What would happen to your business if you were suddenly not there? Would it be able to go on without you?
  • What if your partner or key employee wasn’t there? Would you or your team be able to pick up where they left off?

The People Needed to Accomplish The Goal

No one is irreplaceable. If they are, you have a problem. If one person is the glue that holds your business together, you are heading for disaster. One person shouldn’t hold all the cards to your business…especially YOU!

More than one person needs to know the steps to keep your business moving, to reach your goal of helping your clients and giving you the life you dream of.

Write down what you do each day, it’s the easiest way to ensure that the knowledge of your business is captured. Have your team start writing down what they do each day…not HOW they do it, just WHAT they do.

This will give you the key elements of your business that you can then transform into your business processes. You can take these notes and configure them into the flow of your business and see the path that not only your customers take but the path that you and your team take.

You might even be able to designate “departments” within your business where certain tasks and processes live. This simple effort can and will yield so much clarity.

You’ll start to see where things are missing, confused, or just plain stopping and begin to address the issues. This will up-level your business dramatically.

Get Out Of The Way of Your Team Accomplishing The Goal

Once your team starts to see the BIG PICTURE, they will start to take more ownership and pride because they no longer live in confusion. They will gain confidence that their part matters in the grand scheme of things and take more responsibility in moving your business forward.

Don’t become the roadblock or bottleneck in your business. Let your processes and systems be the glue that holds your business together so that you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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