Gaining a Life of Freedom

Being aware of your processes can and will give you a life of freedom.

Just as people need boundaries to feel safe and free, so does your business. If there are too many choices, too many options, people fall into decision paralysis.

Having boundaries and structure gives you and your business the roots and stability to grow. Without them your business may wander aimlessly and never reach its full potential.

The Dream of a Life of Freedom

Every entrepreneur has a dream. The dream of a business that supports the lifestyle they want. This generally includes words such as ‘ease’ and ‘freedom’. 

What those words mean is highly personal to each individual. It could mean laying on the beach with a Mai Tai, hiking mountains, racing cars, or just taking time to be with family and friends.

Life of Freedom = Dreams of laying on the beach.

What the dream is generally not is: 

  • sitting at their desk working on social media, 
  • running payroll, 
  • making sure the tech is in place and working, or 
  • creating marketing campaigns. 

The dream is about having folks who do all those things so the entrepreneur can concentrate on their clients and build a business. This is where processes come into play.

Freedom with Structure

Processes build the structure in your business, the skeleton on which the muscles (your employees) adhere to in order to make it move and grow. When the bones are strong the body will be able to do amazing things. 

Processes allow things to become habits, and the how becomes automated. When you don’t have to think about things, your mind and team will have the freedom and space to look beyond the day-to-day and into growth and innovation. 

When your team has the structure of processes in place and utilize them effectively, you, as the business owner, have the time and space to think beyond the business. You will have time to step away from the day-to-day in order to rest, relax, and dream bigger dreams. 

Create Your Freedom

It is within your power to create your life of freedom, whatever that means to you. That’s one of the reasons why you started your business. Get some help and start delegating those things that tie you down, hold you back, and make you feel like a prisoner to your business. Perhaps your first hire will be someone who can help you begin to document your processes!

Don’t wait! Start NOW! Take the first step toward freedom in your business and download the 3 Easy Steps to Identify Your First Process today.

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