Distractions are a way of diluting your focus and not paying attention to what needs to be taken care of.

I had a conversation with a fellow entrepreneur about something that she’s been avoiding that is holding her back. It was a personal loss that she hadn’t given the time to acknowledge because she was so “busy” in her business and life. But it kept cropping up and making her life and business just that much harder.

In this case her business and home life had become distractions from the work she needed to do surrounding the loss she endured. The loss became a dark cloud over her, and it took its toll on her work and family.

When she was able to shift her perspective from a negative to a positive and give herself permission to spend some time with her feelings, she felt much lighter and was able to attend to her needs around the loss. Her surrounding life also became lighter and easier to walk through.

Being distracted by past or future and not present in the now

There are a lot of areas in which distractions will keep you from the real work you need to be doing. In business those distractions can look like technology, imposter syndrome, lack of knowledge, and/or drama that crops up from outside sources. All these things can and will keep you from the mission driven work that you do if you are unable to recognize them as distractions.

  • Does it really take a week to learn that piece of technology?
  • Do you really need to wrestle for a month with the thought of “do I really know my stuff” when you have people lined up and waiting for your offer?
  • Is the outside drama of life really yours to contend with?

Chances are the answer to these questions is NO.

But it’s hard to take yourself out of the doubt and fear these personal distractions bring up. Doubts from past mistakes. Fears of future fumbles. What happens is that you become too engrossed in the ugly past or the possible future failure that you’re not able to see what’s happening in the present.

Processes help curb distractions

Believe it or not, processes may be able to assist you with keeping distractions at bay…or at least give you the time and space to easily deal with them because your business is running efficiently.

Processes will:

  • help you in procuring and learning new technology by showing you what technology is most important for your business
  • sweep imposter syndrome to the side because you will have written proof that you know what you’re doing
  • keep your business on solid footing when that outside drama comes crashing in, because you don’t have to stop the business to attend to it

Curb the chaos in your business. Step out of firefighter mode and lessen the distractions. Take the First Step to Cloning Yourself today.

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