Stepping into Leadership

A client recently said this about stepping into leadership:

I’ve been saying for quite some time that my clients have always been first and foremost for me, they get priority. But now I have this amazing team and I don’t want to lose [them] because I’m not pulling my weight as a leader.” Karen F.

What is a Leader?

Being a leader means allowing your team to learn, grow, and own tasks that you once did. As your team grows you get to let go of things that aren’t necessarily in your wheelhouse.

You’ve been the one who has owned the spotlight for your clients. You’ve been the one who has driven your company to where it is now. You are known and trusted in your community. It’s you they believe in.

Now you have a team of people that support you in your vision. They want to do the work. They joined your business because they resonate with your mission and what you wish to accomplish in this world. It’s time to let them.

You may need to let go of some things you have enjoyed in the past, but find they take up too much of your time. Give your team the opportunity to learn the nuances of what you do.

When you document your processes, you lay the foundation for learning your method of doing things. Teach your team those little things that you have found out and allow them to spread your goodness far and wide.

With this team behind you, you get to reach so many more people than you could possibly handle. And isn’t that what you set out to do, help as many people as you could?

Stepping into Leadership

Once you have a team, it is your job to direct the ship. The captain does not tie the sails down or scrape the barnacles off the hull.

A captain knows how and could do those things if required. But the captain has more important things to do…like set the destination, work with the navigator on the best path, and negotiate with foreign fleets.

Arr matey! ‘Tis the captain’s job to find the treasure! 😋

You’ve got a team to take care of your clients. So, it’s time for you to step back a little bit, take care of your team so that they can take care of the client. That is the ultimate goal. You’ll take care of your clients the best by taking care of your team, making sure:

  • they’re well trained,
  • they know the processes,
  • they have everything they need…

so that your clients get the outcome that you see for them.

Promote yourself to business OWNER and create a fleet of “mini-mes” to get your message, knowledge, and transformation out into the world! Then sit back and watch the magic.

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