Allowing Time For Creativity

If you need more time for creativity in your business, having processes in place can help. 

A lot of people think that putting processes in place is “draconian” and leaves no room for creativity. The truth is that processes clear the space and allow for the spark of creativity to come forth.

Processes create space

Think about it, if your desk is piled with all the things you “have” to do and take care of, there is no space to think about the things you “want” to do and create. 

Messy Desk

You’re too busy shifting through all the piles trying to remember the deadlines and small tasks that need to be done that there is no time to sit and think about that great idea you had over breakfast…and it’s gone by lunch. 

If you had your processes in place, chances are a lot, if not most, of those tasks that are sitting on your desk will be delegated to someone else. Leaving you with the space to think about bigger possibilities in your business.

A clean desk creates time for creativity

Processes create time

When you are able to delegate all those repetitive tasks, there is time to think and dream about the possibilities for your business.

Instead of worrying about social media getting posted, videos being edited, or clients being onboarded, there is space to think about that breakfast idea and time to create the solution.

Maybe one of your clients brought up a real problem that’s going to take some real strategic thinking to solve. If you’re too busy in the day to day “running” of your business, you’re not going to have the time to think of that brilliant solution that will solve the problem.

Space and time for creativity

The point is, you can’t create if you’re worried about the basic administration of your business.

Documenting your business processes allows for the future time and space to get your juices flowing. It clears your desk of all those pesky tasks that, quite honestly, someone else can do. 

Reserve your time and effort for the big things that only you can do. It’s your business, your spark, your creation. Don’t let it wither under the weight of the repetitive tasks that fill up your day.

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