Why Business Process Documentation

Why Business Process Documentation

People always ask, “Why should I document my business processes?”

Entrepreneurs don’t want to be or feel “corporate”, that’s why they’re entrepreneurs!

You want to break the mold, bring some creativity to your business, not be bogged down by the draconian confines of ridged automated assembly lines!

Document Repeatable Business Processes

But here’s the thing…there are many tasks within even the most freewheeling, carefree, out of the box businesses that must be repeated day in/day out.

You must:

  • market the business,
  • have sales transactions,
  • onboard clients, and
  • deliver your product/service.

Without these tasks being completed efficiently, your business will bog down, customers might get upset, and you’ll end up pulling all that wonderful hair right out of your head!

Why Business Process documentation? Freedom!

These items, even with processes written, can still feel creative and in the flow. In fact, I’d wager that your business will feel freer, more creative, and have more agility because you have them written out.

Here are the top five reasons why business processes should be documented:

  1. Scale Quickly – When you have documented, repeatable processes in place you can easily grow and expand to meet the needs of your clients and customers.
  2. Remove Ambiguity from The Work – New team members will onboard quickly and efficiently because the answers to most of the questions they have, are available without depending on one person.
  3. Know Exactly How to Deliver Services – Create a seamless path for both internal and external customers to find, obtain, and consume information and products/services.
  4. Track, Understand, and Analyze Ongoing Processes – Knowing where you are gives you the foundation for improvement. Having processes in place gives you that knowledge so you can replicate and improve them when needed.
  5. Roadmap for Your Business – Know where your business is right now. Once you know where you are you can plot the path to where it can (and will) go in the future!

If you don’t know that your car is equipped with tires (and what they do), you won’t understand what’s wrong when one of those tires gets a flat.

Why Business Process Documentation - Avoid Flat Tires!

But if you DO know, you can pay attention enough to see that one is low and fix it before it becomes a hazard on the road and stops you in your tracks!

Give your business the freedom and creative space to grow, improve, and fully support you. Check out the 3 Easy Steps to Identify Your First Process to see how easy it can be.

Why Business Process Documentation

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