The Shortcut to Business Growth

The Shortcut to Business Growth

Business is like sailing on the ocean. You weave side to side in order to move forward. It takes time and effort to get where you’re going and you’re dependent on the wind.

When you first start out you’re on a single sail ship. You’re the only one directing the wind and you’re learning the chops of sailing.

But soon you move up through the sailing ranks and build yourself a multi-mast schooner. You’ve gathered a small team to go sailing with you, but you’re still going back and forth to move forward.

While there is some romance in sailing, you want more for your business. To reach and help more people, make more money, and create a better lifestyle for yourself.

Going back and forth will get you there, but it takes time. You could get a full-rigged tall-ship, which would take care of space…but there’s still the time and effort factor.

The Shortcut to Business Growth

The Shortcut Revealed

For years businesses have followed this back and forth path. But then this one shortcut was discovered and implemented, and it changed small businesses to big business virtually overnight.

That shortcut? … Documented processes.

Documenting your processes is like putting a diesel engine in your ship. You no longer have to weave back and forth to get where you’re going. You just point the ship in the direction and head straight there.

The Shortcut to Business Growth - Sailing vs. Diesel

With documented processes, you’re able to face obstacles straight on. You have a plan in place to ensure that things are working and items don’t get lost in the shuffle. This gives you and your business the confidence and ability to navigate quickly.

And when the inevitable NEW problem comes along, you have a framework from which to navigate the rocky shores and a culture that will quickly document them for future reference. You’ll only have to “invent the wheel” once! From there you’ll have it and can make improvements along the way.

The Shortcut to Business Growth

The Business Shortcut in Real Life

When you have the road map in place, you can quickly move on opportunities. This happened for me when I moved from San Diego to Nashville.

I wrote out a schedule and processes for each task of the move. It was an eight-month plan. But because it was well documented and the process just flowed, it was complete in six months.

I was ahead of schedule by two-months. I floundered a little bit when I thought I was going to just sit in an empty apartment for two months, but then my Dad showed up with a half-empty trailer. He was just passing through on his way to Florida and wanted to have lunch.

We quickly assessed the situation and he said, “Well, let’s go!” Everything was done, so I said my goodbyes to everyone, packed up the trailer, hopped into the truck, and down the road we went!

It was the simplest move I’ve ever made in my life. Everything just fell into place with the most perfect timing. And it was due to the time I took to map it all out.

I had clear objectives, clear targets, and clear directions on what to do next. I had high-level documented processes in place.

The people around me only saw sudden movement and they thought I was nuts and “jumping the gun”. But the fact was, I had everything in place and I had thought it all through and knew it was a stable decision and move.

When you have the structure in place, you too can “make sudden moves” and grab those opportunities that would pass most others by.

Think about it, would you be able to “drop everything” for the opportunity to work with one of your mentors/idols for a month or two (or six)? Would your business survive that hiatus?

If you had your processes in place and a rockin’ team surrounding you, it would. Your business would just keep moving along because it doesn’t depend on you. It works FOR you, not BECAUSE of you.

Take your first step today and download the 3 Easy Steps To Identify Your First Process and start defining your business’ road map.

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