Processes: The Goals of Your Business

Processes: The Goals of Your Business

The idea of writing processes for your business can feel like a drudgery, and inconvenience, and hard work. But the truth is that processes are really just the goals you have for your business.

Each process has a purpose and objective that leads to the higher goal of your business. In customer service, the highest goal is to create satisfied customers that repeatedly return. Even better if they become raving fans and tell all their friends about you.

So, when you go to write out that client onboarding process, it’s really a goal of welcoming a new client into your world and making them feel seen, heard, and first class…THAT’s the objective! THAT’s the GOAL!

It’s not some document that just sits around gathering dust, or some draconian framework set up to “keep folks in line”. It’s about getting everyone onboard with the goals of the business and ensuring that everything that is done inside the business aligns with the bigger goals.

All roads lead to the business mission and vision…ALL ROADS! Even the “little” tasks like picking a picture for social media or making that phone call to the cleaning service.

Processes keep the vision of your business front and center. As the vision grows and the how changes, your processes get updated and improve to meet that vision.

When writing out your processes, the first thing to determine is the “why”…Why are you even doing this task? Why is it important?

The next thing to determine is the “what”…What are you expecting from this task? What is happening during this time?

These two questions give you the framework to define the actions that need to be taken. They show you how this particular task fits into the larger goal and vision for your business.

After that it’s about finding the steps that one needs to take to make that ‘why’ and ‘what’ happen…the roadmap to making your goals and dreams come true.

Thinking of processes as the goals of your business helps you define which tasks are required and which are just busywork, doing nothing for your business but taking up time.

How aligned are your tasks to your business goals? Are there items you can discontinue? Are there things you need to include?

Do you have clear business goals with which to align your processes?

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