Competing Priorities

Competing Priorities

How does one determine between competing priorities?

  • Is It more important to get the kids to school or to get to work on time?
  • Is it more urgent to fix the fence so the dog doesn’t get out or do that health screening for that lump you just found?
  • Should you focus on marketing or improving the course?

Many times in life there are competing priorities. They can be of equal importance or equal urgency. You get to decide which take precedence.

Conflict of Priority – Theirs v. Yours, Short v. Long Term

For many of us, the items that affect others gets placed before the items that affect us personally. In business the short-term gains seem to be put in front of the long-term gains. They are urgent right now, but not urgent in the long run.

It can be hard to put the long-term gains in front of the right here/right now fires. But, in order to quell those right here/right now items, strategies must be put into place NOW.

Building for the future sometimes means allowing the small fires to continue to burn. Of course, one needs to ensure that the small fire is fairly contained and won’t spread to burn the whole house down.

But if it is, if it’s just confined to one space, you can concentrate on the bigger picture…hedging the rest of your business against possible future fires. Let that small fire burn itself out. Learn from it and build the next iteration based on what you find out.

Quell Competition – Prioritize Structure

How can you build a fire-proof business? Give it the structure it needs and the processes to deal with urgent matters as they come up. Think about what COULD happen and prepare for it…have a plan…set some goals, write up your processes.

Having set goals and written processes will help to define the priorities in your life and business. You will get a set of boundaries within which to make decisions based on the goals you defined. The processes will help you map out the roadmap to get you to those goals.

It all starts with having a clear vision on where you want to go and where you want your business to be in the future. This isn’t set in stone, it is malleable…because LIFE, but it gives you a direction to start towards.

There will always be twists and turns in your business and life journeys but having some idea of where you want to go, documenting it, and creating a plan will get you there faster and easier.

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