The Power of Dreams


Dreams are what gets us up in the morning. They make life worth living. If we don’t have a dream that we are pursuing, life can become dull and depressing. 

I’ve been there, done that. 

Everyday I woke up and wondered what I was doing and why I was doing it. My kids were grown and almost out of the house and didn’t need me like they once did. 

My purpose of providing for them and helping them to navigate this world was ending and there was nothing for me to do anymore. 

The job I was in was a good one. I loved the work, the people, and the pay … but it was obtained in order to support my kids and ensure their starting journey was successful…mission complete. 

Now I needed a new mission. One that was just for me. One that fed my dreams. It took a while to find it, but I did. 

And on the day I almost drove in front of a dump truck so I didn’t have to go to work, I quit that job and jumped head first into my dream.

It’s been a wild ride since and I’ve learned a thing or two. The main one is that you MUST write down your dreams and create a plan to get there. 

This is not as easy as it sounds. There’s a lot to think about when filling out your dreams and goals. It’s good to use SMART goals…but how? What does that really mean?

In my J.O.B. I wrote processes everyday. This gave me a look into how things were planned out and completed. I’ve turned that into a way to set goals and have the roadmap to achieving them.

It includes all the SMART things, without actually thinking about if the goal is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.

If you’re like I was, you may not have the first clue as to what your next dream is. That’s ok.

It will take some time and some digging into who you really are so you can pull those dreams out of your past, present, and future and start building them today. 

It will take some time to remove the “But…” and “That’s crazy!” that you’ve always heard whenever you’ve mentioned a possible dream. Your dream is possible. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t have thought of it.

They once said going into space was ludicrous. Now look what we’ve done. We’ve not only gone to the moon, we’re exploring distant planets! And most of our communication relies on satellites.

Yep, ludicrous…at the time…and then someone worked on it, enrolled someone else in the dream, and they did it. They made their dreams come true. 

You can too! The first step is to set your goals, not just in your mind, but ON PAPER! They also need to be clear, concise, and workable…in other words, SMART.

The next step is to review them on a consistent basis. All those “HIGH Achievers” you’ve seen, followed, envied…that’s their secret. “Keep your eye on the prize.”

Just two simple things, right? Simple to say, NOT so simple to do. Life gets in the way, which is why I created Goals Bootcamp. 

I needed some structure and accountability around me (to kick me in the butt) in order to maintain the focus on my goals and dreams…and it has worked brilliantly! Not just for me, but for ALL the members of Bootcamp!!! 

I’ll be having some live chats with some of my Bootcampers in the coming weeks as well as opening up registration for the 2023 Goals Bootcamp session. This only happens once a year so get on the waitlist today and make sure you get all the information!

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