SMART Goals…are they really SMART?


Everyone tells you to write SMART goals…but how do you really know your goals are SMART?

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.

I don’t know about you, but when I heard about SMART goals they sounded great. But it wasn’t really clear to me HOW to write them out, HOW to structure them.

I did my best and my boss accepted them, but I was never completely comfortable with my outcomes. There was no “UMPH” to them and the goals never really resonated with me. They were dry, corporate, and had nothing to do with what I really wanted.

Processes are SMART Goals

I have worked in processes for over 20 years, but it just recently occurred to me that PROCESSES ARE THE GOALS OF YOUR BUSINESS. With this realization, I went back to what goal setting is all about and discovered that you can use a basic process template to write out extremely clear (and SMART) goals!

Being able to answer the simple questions about a process, but from a goals perspective, makes the goals you set just that much more concrete.

“My goal is to sign up 3 new clients” turns into “My goal is to expand the amount of help I give by 3 clients within the next month, because it will increase their income, as well as my own, and also decrease their level of stress. I will do so by reaching out to past clients, prospects on my list who have not purchased, and posting new ads.”

Goals Template

Using a process template gives you the breadth and depth to create a real plan to achieve your goals. I’ve adapted a general process template into a goals template and am sharing it with the world. You need to set, go for, and achieve your wildest dreams.

This is my gift to you. Just click HERE to download the Goals Template today.

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