Welcome 2023 – Intentions and Goals


Welcome to 2023! Heading into the new year most people set some kind of resolution. They resolve to “be better” in the next year. The thing is, you weren’t bad last year. You lived, learned, and grew.

Each January is a moment to start again. A moment to take stock of all that happened in the past year, celebrate the accomplishments and refine your goals for the next 12 months.

Take what you learned and update your goals.

Were you able to reach the financial goals you wanted last year? 

If yes, stretch that number a bit this year. If not, how close did you get? If you got close, keep the number for this year.

If you didn’t, maybe refine that number down to something more realistic. Don’t worry that this will be your only income potential, it’s a step towards GROWING INTO your financial potential!

Take the first step, and then increase that potential as you gain comfort with the numbers. 

What new goals do you have for your relationships?

Take a look at the folks who are surrounding you.

  • Are they supportive of your dreams?
  • Do you support them in their dreams?
  • How do you want to improve your side of these relationships? 

Relationships are a two way street. There is give and take. If you are doing all the taking, there’s no room for other people’s dreams. How can you be more supportive to those closest to you?

If you’re doing all the giving, there’s no room for your own dreams. How can you set better boundaries for yourself?

Sometimes it’s a matter of allowing someone new into your world or letting go of someone to create the space for your dreams and goals to flourish. 

If they are coming in, welcome them with gratitude and love. If they are leaving, thank them for the love and support they provided at the time and know they were the right people for the lessons and growth you needed. 

You may feel sad or bad that you are “leaving” friends behind, and that’s ok. But know that you are growing in different directions, directions that support the dreams and goals you both have… and that’s a good thing. Not all relationships were meant to last. 

What do you want to learn this year?

Every year is an opportunity to learn something new. What do you want to explore?

This could be a new language, art form, technology, or anything! The world is your oyster, as they say, and there is so much to explore in it!

Find something that piques your interest and learn more about it. Push yourself just a little beyond your comfort zone and try something new. 

Who knows what will come from it and what lessons you will learn that can apply to your life! (Even if it’s just learning to relax and have a little fun. 😉)

Where do you want to improve your life, career, and/or business?

This requires some thought. If you don’t take some time to map out a bit, you end up in places you may not want. Promotions passed up, opportunities lost, new avenues closed. 

When I was in the corporate world, I just sat back and let that world dictate my worth and trajectory. I never tried to make anything happen. 

As I started my business, I did the same until I realized that I am the driving force of this business and this life. It is MY responsibility to steer the ship, and that takes some thought and planning. 

This is why setting your intentions and goals is SO important. It’s setting the direction your ship is sailing. It’s making decisions on what is important to you.

Take the first step to making your goal a reality

Putting your goals on paper takes them out of the ether, out of your brain, and makes them real, concrete. You can see, touch, hear, smell, and even taste them. It’s the first step in making them a reality.

Need some help organizing your dreams and goals? Check out my Quick Goals Overview

Don’t let the world dictate your life. Use your life to dictate your world! You have the power to steer your own ship. Grab the helm, learn the ropes, set your destination, and get ready for the greatest adventure there is…YOUR LIFE!

Keep your eyes on the horizon, your hands on the wheel, and your foot on the GAS!!

Let’s DO THIS!!!

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