Decluttering – Create Space for Dreams


By taking the reins into your own hands and starting your own business, you are creating your own economy. You gain the power to control your situation.

But there are other factors that play into becoming a successful businesswoman … societal, mental, and familial factors that require addressing.

There are plenty of folks who speak out about the societal happenings, and they are better versed than I…so I’ll leave it to them to hash out all the intricacies. This space is for business discussions, not for political debate. 😉

On the mental and familial factors, we all have experience. No matter where we came from, we all have some preconceived ideas about “our place” in the world. I have been tackling mine this past week.

Familial Factors

I have been decluttering my home and, in the process, bumping up against some major familial roadblocks and mindsets. Mainly in the area of the “value” of things and how to hold that value sacred.

Part of the process in decluttering is to determine what to keep and what to pass on…to others or to the landfill. It is a process of determining if the “value” of something is being fulfilled in your presence or wasted. You determine if the object is serving you and you are serving said object.

Many a time, as I looked at my things, I heard my mother’s voice, “But they won’t value it like I do!” and my response, “But are you valuing it if it’s stuck in a forgotten cupboard for 10 years not being used?”

It was this conversation that led me to apologize to said objects and bless them on their journey to someone who will utilize them appropriately and not leave them lonely and sad, closed up in a forgotten nook of my home.

Mental Factors

By releasing these objects, we open up our spaces and are able to breathe. The objects find new homes where they are appreciated and utilized. The flow of energy is restored, and movement can occur.

There is also the energetic claiming of one’s space that occurs when you release what isn’t working well and open up the possibilities of what could be done in an area. Sondra Hardy, of Room To Move, has mentioned many times during our work together this week, that setting boundaries for a space is very important. The setting of boundaries and purpose for a space, allows you to say no to objects (or people) that, though you find beautiful and are fond of them, interfere with or no longer serve you, your life, or your business.

Virginia Woolf wrote, “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” I believe this is true for anyone in life and business, be they female or male. My husband and I have agreed upon certain spaces that are solely our own. Spaces in which the other is not allowed without expressed permission. Sacred spaces for work and creativity. There is now a sense of dedicated purpose and ownership in these areas.

The process of clearing one’s space shifts the energy and the universe steps in to bless all involved. The giver and the receiver. The giver is able to create a space that is in better alignment with their goals and dreams. The receiver is able to have the capability and tools to move forward with their dreams and goals. It’s a win-win situation.

Create Your Space

By creating a space that is aligned with your life dreams and business goals, a room of your own, you are able to better serve your clients from a place of strength and compassion. Your people will share their experience with others and grow your audience. As more people come into your world, your economy becomes dependent only upon your ability to serve and serve well.

What steps are you taking to create “a room of your own”? Let me know in the comments below.

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