Creating Your Dream Life

Creating Your Dream Life

It all starts with a dream. A dream of something better. A better circumstance, a better job, a better home, a better relationship.

But in order for that dream to come true, you must pull it from the ether and make it real in this plane of existence. That means (at the least) writing it down.

Anchoring Your Dream

Writing it down makes it solid, not just another idea running through your head that eventually fades away due to life’s inevitable onslaught of needs. You can see it, smell it, hear it, touch it, and taste it.

Another way to anchor the dream in reality is to create some kind of art around it. Something you can hang on your wall and see everyday to remind you what you’re working towards.

Heck, you could even bake a cake and decorate it with your dream so you could really enjoy the “taste it” part of bringing it into reality!

Taking Action Towards Your Dream

But there’s so much more to ensuring a dream makes it from ethereal thought to reality. The first step is writing it down, but then comes the action. You have to shake up the “normal” if you want something bigger.

This is where people tend to falter in reaching for their dreams. Others see the changes you are making and have opinions about them. Some may think the changes are good, others won’t like them at all.

It’s the opinions of those who don’t like what you’re doing, or don’t believe in themselves enough to allow themselves to change and grow bigger, that you have to watch out for. They will say things that will attach to you like a burr in the wilderness and wheedle their way under your skin making you wonder if what they say is true.

For them it might be true…but you are not them. You have a spark, a dream, an inclination to do something. It may be strange to others, but to you it makes total sense. There are those out there who will understand and support your dream. They may be outside of your inner circle, and you may need to stretch your circle to find them, but find them you must.

Gathering the Support for Creating Your Dream Life

If you don’t have the support to hold you up when life gets you down, the dream will fall by the wayside. I’m sure you have plenty of stories of a dream you started to pursue only to find it on the back burner because “life” and other people got in the way. They aren’t bad, they are just scared of change and will fight to keep things the same.

It’s up to you to find your people and gather the support you need to ensure your dream is cared for and protected in its infancy. As it (and you) grows, the dream will become stronger, become more real, and be able to stand up against those naysayers.

I am hosting a FREE Dream Life Masterclass event on February 2nd in which we will start to look at your dreams and goals for the coming year. In the class will be a group of people just like you who are looking to create their dream life, whatever that looks like for them, and are looking for the support to make that dream a reality.

Come join The Dream Life Adventure and start making your dream a reality.

Blessed Imbolc to you. May the seeds you have sown start to stir and reach for the sun.

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