When “Life” Hits the Fan

What do you do when things go sideways? When your whole life gets turned upside down? Or, maybe something smaller happens that ends up taking your day on a completely different path than you planned.

Let’s face it, **it happens. Life hits the fan sometimes and it can turn into a mess. I call this the S*IT storm and it comes to do two things…clear out that which no longer serves and fertilize the ground for new growth.

Clearing What Doesn’t Serve

It’s a mindset shift to look at the “bad” things and see the good within it. When “bad” things happen it’s an opportunity to see what isn’t working… in relationships, work environments, business, life.

Sometimes we are too busy keeping on keeping on, to notice when things are in need of repair.

We’re too busy:

  • trying to keep money coming in that bills don’t get paid on time, or at all. Which leads to large credit card statements, lights turning off, or collections.
  • working or keeping up with the house and kids. Which leads to spouses feeling neglected and families falling apart.
  • pushing to get the product delivered to our clients. Which leads to stressed out employees who leave a possible toxic environment.
  • being what we think others want us to be. Which leads to so much anxiety and possible health risks.

These are extremes, but it is these s*it storms that finally grab our attention. They make us look up from our day to day efforts and pay attention. We finally notice that something is wrong. Mine was a dump truck that looked really inviting.

Some people sit and complain about all the “bad” things that happen, never realizing that they have the power to do something about it. Even if it’s just speaking up and telling the truth about the bad.

“But wait! Won’t that cause MORE bad?” And the answer is, “Yes, probably”…but only for those who don’t want to acknowledge that it’s time to clean up the mess. Those people who want to stay in the cycle of inability and victimhood.

It can be hard to clean up your messes, especially when you have folks around that don’t want to and try to keep a sense of “normalcy” in their lives. But maybe it’s a wake up call for them too.

If you choose to look back on all the storms that have come through your life, you just might notice that the after portion looks so much better than the before. It may have taken a while to get to the after, but it was SO worth it. Leaving that job was scary, but your new endeavor is light years ahead of it.  Walking through the pain of fixing a relationship is tough, but what you have today can’t compare to what was.

The storm helps you to notice what needs to be cleared out mentally, physically, and emotionally…if you’re willing to do the work.

Fertilizing New Growth in Life

What is S*IT but excellent fertilizer? Farmers use the excrement of animals to fertilize their crops. It breaks down and provides the nutrients for the seeds to grow big, strong, healthy plants.

But it must be spread judiciously! So you need to take care of it as it comes in order for it to be effective. If you don’t pay attention, and let it pile up, it becomes toxic and will kill any growth potential until it’s taken care of. One person’s pile of crap is another person’s (or multiple people’s) lifesaving need.

I recently went through my home and cleared out five rooms that had become a toxic pile. What was toxic for me was extremely beneficial to many other people. One woman’s home had just burned down. Another was starting over. They are now standing a little taller and I have space to grow.

It was an emotional roller coaster because, not only was it a physical clearing, it was a mental and emotional clearing as well. PLENTY of head trash showed up and had to be worked through, but now it’s clear and I am able to move forward. The fertilizer has been churned and spread and the sprouts are growing

You Are NOT Alone

No one survives a storm and gets to the “better” side alone. It’s hard to clean off the s*it from your back if you don’t have someone to help wipe it off. It’s hard to see the crap in the corner until someone shines a light on it and helps you clean it up.

Do yourself a favor, find a group of people who will help support you through your storms, who will support you in your dreams, and encourage you to see and clear out those piles of fertilizer that are just waiting to feed and nourish those seeds within you.

If you’re wanting to find a community in which you can be supported in building your dream life, I invite you to visit The Dream Life Adventure Facebook Group. It’s a free group in which we discuss and support setting intentions, plans, and goals.

It’s a space in which you can reach out a hand for a little support when the storm comes to town. We’re not professional therapists or psychologists, but we’ll hold your hand and encourage your journey through to the other side.

It’s your life. It’s your dream. It’s your journey. See the good that can come from the storm and start with one small action today.

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