Competing Priorities

Everyone has Competing Priorities. You’re moving around in your life and things are happening around you. The kids need this, your spouse needs that, work needs that over there, and it seems like there is no room for you and your needs or wants.

Or it could be that your business is thriving, but you’re not. You’re stretched so thin because “only you” can do the thing.

Whatever it is, it’s unsustainable. There are things you are going to have to let go of. Things that you’ll have to allow someone else to take care of if you want to reach the dream life, the dream business.

Prioritize for the Future

You may have to choose the smaller thing and get that moving efficiently in order to be able to focus on the bigger thing in the long run. It doesn’t mean the larger focus is off the plate. It just means that you’re laying the foundation for that bigger thing to be able to stand on its own.

If you have a dream that you want to go for, it may require that your spouse or children learn how to cook dinner once or twice a week. Or maybe your spouse to take the kids to their event instead of you. It may mean that hiring someone to help around the house or with your personal errands is the key. These may or may not be easy shifts, but it takes care of the priority without you being involved.

If you have a business, it may mean taking the time to write out your processes and hiring a team. Again, this may not be an easy shift, but every moment you spend on defining your business is double that moment that you give back to yourself to be able to grow your business and stay in your zone of genius.

The Process to Priorities

It may not sound sexy, but attaining your goal is a process. Whether it is a personal goal or a business goal, there is a process to ensure it comes to pass. And the first step is to choose it as a priority.

By taking the time to map out the why, the outcome, the start and stop, and the steps it takes to get there, you give yourself a clear roadmap on getting to your destination…be that Carnegie Hall or the first 100 people on your list.

You may need to allow some small fires to burn in order to not have a bigger fire consume all you have built or dreamed of. You may even need to start a small fire to combat the larger fire that is threatening. (In fighting wildfires, this is called back burning.)

It’s ok to stop and assess what’s happening around you. To allow others to take care of certain priorities in order for you to ensure things are running well and your dreams and vision have some traction.

The small step of writing down your vision, creating the plan, and mapping out the journey will create a wave of ease and ability to combat any obstacles that may come along the way.

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