Moving Forward and Getting Unstuck

Moving Forward

In order to move forward with anything you do, there has to be a recognition of where you are and how you got there. There has to be a healing journey to make where you are ok. You did what was necessary, made the choices you made, and now you are here.

You can look back and complain about all the things that went wrong, OR you can learn the lessons and be grateful for the experience. You now have the vision to do something different and possibly avoid those obstacles again.

Move Forward to Your Desired Outcome

Dreams, Goals, and Business Processes all have one thing in common…a desired outcome. A desired outcome for your life and/or business. And, interestingly enough, the process of mapping out the path to attain that outcome is the same…There may be different perspectives, but the questions and thought process are the same.

  • Purpose
  • Outcome
  • Inputs
  • Outputs
  • Steps
  • Exceptions

Mapping the Path to Moving Forward

Mapping out your goals (be they life or business) gives you the opportunity to confront the box you have placed yourself in and begin to stretch your imagination to see what could be different. To define the gaps and corners that you have built in and around. You also get the opportunity to discover innovative ways to bridge those gaps and dig yourself out of the corners.

This may all sound so “corporate”, but it is applicable to your personal life as well. We all miss things in our day to day. We all have corners we sit in that are comfortable and safe. It is the standing up and looking around to see if those comfortable and safe corners are helping or hindering the path forward.

Just because it was done that way for a millennia, doesn’t mean it has to remain that way. Just because something was safe years ago, doesn’t make it productive today. It may be time to change it up a bit. It may be time to stretch out of the status quo and be a little adventurous.

Acknowledge Where You Are Stuck

By acknowledging where we are stuck in life or business, we provide the opportunity to change, heal, and grow. We lay the fertile ground to build something new and more effective. Something that will improve our business, life, and happiness.

  • What are your personal goals and dreams?
  • What are the goals and dreams for your business/career?
  • Can you verbalize them?

Being able to make your dreams and goals concrete is the first step to achieving them. When they are clear in your mind and you can commit them to paper, picture, or something tangible then you have the focus and can make clear decisions along your journey.

It starts with knowing what your dreams and goals are. Need some help? Download the Quick Goals Overview and start working on your hidden dreams and goals. Get out of the routine and move on to new and exciting things in your life!

Moving Forward

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