Rolling With The Blues

The Blues

Sometimes you just have to roll with the blues. 

They show up unexpectedly and stop you in your tracks. You walk through the day as if you were a robot, just doing the daily things that need to be done. No emotion, enthusiasm, or enjoyment. Just pick up the thing and do it. Doesn’t matter if it’s done well or not, at least it’s done.

This is the caterpillar soup phase of growth. Where everything slows down and just is. Nothing magnificent. Nothing worth noting. Nothing amazing. Just soup.

And then a miracle starts to happen. Pieces start to be put together. Flavors start to mix and something new starts to take shape. New ideas begin to form, old ideas morph and become clearer, new perspectives are now available.

It is this state of change when everything starts to coalesce and true focus begins to happen. The path forward starts to shine and become visible.

Sit Back and Listen to the Blues

By taking the time to allow for the soup to happen and meld, you allow for the mix to enhance and become something amazing.

It’s not fun while you’re in it, but if you can stop and just be for a moment, allowing the feelings, fear, disappointment, and blahs to just BE, you may start to see where healing is taking place, where strength is being cured, where desire is turning into determination.

Allowing your emotions to just be, and not acting on them, gives them voice and the space to do their job…HEAL.

If you try and tuck it away, the stronger they get and more violent they become just so they can be heard.

Keep showing the universe that you want what you want. Keep the focus on the goal. Allow for the down time and let it be a part of the process.

Every road trip has a stop for the night to refresh, clean up, and relax. 

Follow The “Voice” 

We all have that “voice” within that knows right from wrong. Sometimes it takes slowing down, stopping even, and healing the old hurts to be able to hear it. A baby doesn’t cry if there isn’t something wrong. Even if it’s as simple as “I’m tired, but I don’t want to go to sleep.”

This journey of living, dreaming, going for your goals, maybe even owning your own business is chock full of fumbles, tumbles, scrapes, and bruises. We need to allow the time and space for them to heal lest they fester and keep us from making progress. 

Plans are important, they give that “voice” a direction, but let the “voice” be the leader. Let the plan change. 

Allow yourself a rough day where you “didn’t do what you were supposed to”. That’s the voice telling you to slow down. 

Allow a day where you do way more than you’re “supposed to”. That’s the voice telling you you have the time and ability.

That’s what goals, and processes, are … the plan that keeps the “voice” focused and you/your business moving forward. Download the Quick Goals Overview to start giving your “voice” the focus.

The Blues

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