Small Business, Big Potential

Today is National Mom & Pop Business Day and I’ve been thinking about how all businesses start out small and grow into the large corporations we know today.

I think of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, David Packard, Bill Hewlett, and other entrepreneurs that started their respective companies doing weird stuff in their garages! They are now part of the history of three of the main technology companies in the world: Microsoft, Apple, and Hewlett-Packard (HP). But first they were small businesses.

Small Business Potential

Now, not every mom and pop small business will grow up to be like these current moguls, but I think they all have the POTENTIAL to be great (whatever your definition of great is), IF their founders want to and are up for the task of making it happen.

But it’s just as important to have the local business, that KNOWS their community and supports that community through providing jobs and services.

There is always a point at which a business will die or thrive. That point has a couple of indicators as to which way the business will go: the passion and dedication of the business owner and the efficiency in which the business owner can transfer their knowledge and skills and let go of the day-to-day in order to concentrate on the bigger picture.

One is an internal drive and fire that keeps the business owner moving ever forward even when everything looks like it’s about to fall apart. They look for solutions and opportunities to keep the business afloat during the bad times and thriving during the good times. That fire comes from a decision made and not looking back.

The other comes from good old-fashioned organization and communication. You can’t transfer your knowledge if you can’t organize it and communicate it.

The Trap of “It’s Easier if I Do It” Mindset

Not everyone is adept in the area of organization and communication. No matter how well they know a subject or how things should be done, they just can’t relay it effectively.

Most of the time it’s because they are SO DANG BUSY driving the ship that they don’t have the time to sit and show the newest sailor how to tie a simple knot. It’s just easier, and faster, to tie the knot themselves…except that doing so keeps them from the captain’s seat.

This is where systems and processes come in.

Having someone on your team who can follow you around, take notes on what is being done, and create the documentation that will train folks and ensure the job is being done correctly can create the efficiency and space for you, the business owner, to focus on driving the ship instead of swabbing the decks!

It’s a vast ocean out there with plenty of fish to be had, but you have to be able to make it out of the marina in one piece…if even just to play in the bay.

Small Business Makes the World Work!

So, here’s to you Moms and Pops of the world, working hard everyday to provide for your family, neighborhood, and community at large. We appreciate all you do!

Just know that it doesn’t have to be all consuming or back breaking…it can be easier. You can have the time to breathe and step back from the fires in order to take control of your business and generate revenue.

If you need some help, download this free guide 3 Easy Steps To Identify Your First Process and start creating the organization and communication in your business today.

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