What Processes Mean to Your Business


Processes are the structure within which your business thrives. They give you the room for inspiration, the tools to find the shadow treasures, and the freedom of having a business that works even if you’re not there!

Processes Create Inspiration

Inspiration of Processes

Even though processes are seen as a highly structured “noose” (“draconian” I’ve heard said), they actually provide insight into your business. They show you what’s working and what’s missing so that you can build the bridges that span the gap, those areas where everyone gets stuck because there is no easy way to get to the other side. 

Knowing there is something missing, and what it is, gives you a new perspective. It starts the creative juices flowing, inspiring you to find a way to bridge the gap. It gives you, the entrepreneur, the opportunity to dig into your well of Inspiration to find the perfect (or perfect for now) cure for the problem. 

Once the gap is filled, your business becomes much more efficient, steadier, and productive.

Processes Find Shadow Treasure

Shadow Treasures of Processes

When you consistently collect the way in which you do something, when it goes epically right you’ll never forget it! Never again will you try to recreate a huge win, only to find that you’ve forgotten the exact thing that made it so wonderful!

That treasure will be captured and not lost to the shadows of your memory. You will be able to recreate that win, or better yet, IMPROVE upon it! Creating even MORE treasure and epicness in your business.

This, in turn, gives your client and customers better service and creates raving fans.

Processes Give You Freedom

Freedom of Processes

When your business is more efficient and productive and your clients can’t help but rave about you (bringing you more clients), you can’t help but to rise to a level where everything “just works”. You begin to let your team do what they do best, run your business. 

This allows you to step out of the day-to-day of your business and into a bigger vision for your work and life. You gain the time, money, and location freedom to delve into bigger dreams. Perhaps that is growing your business, selling your business, creating a charity, or exploring more creative or spiritual endeavors.

The choice is yours, when you get there. 

But where to start?

It all starts with becoming systems focused. Making the time within your busy schedule to jot a note down about what you’re doing. Finding the right hire and training them effectively.

  • With each process you write, you gift yourself space in your brain to be inspired instead of trying to remember everything.
  • With each task that you are able to hand off, you gift yourself the treasure of time. 
  • With each system you put in place, you gift yourself a new level of freedom to dream bigger.

Starting to systemize your business is an easy, but long journey. The sooner you start, the sooner you will reap the rewards. Download the 3 Easy Steps To Identify Your First Process and get started on your journey to Inspiration, Treasure, and Freedom!

*Oracle card images: Earth Wisdom Oracle by Barbara Moore. Artwork by Cristina Scagliotti

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