Navigating Life’s Storms

Navigating Storms

Have you noticed that, just as you’re about to LEAP forward, your “comfort zone energy” jumps in and says “WAIT! BUT! HOLD ON A SECOND! You can’t do THAT! It’s DIFFERENT!!!”

This energy shows up to sabotage in all kinds of ways:

  • Illness
  • Other people’s drama that we get sucked into (friends, job, family)
  • Minor (or major) disasters strike

Its only purpose is to keep you “safe” (well, what it thinks of as safe).

If you notice, these “sabotages” show up right after you make a decision to do something radically different. They take you out of “adventure energy” and into “known safety energy”.

I look at this “WAIT” and “sabotage” energy as a “shit-storm”…or better yet:


When you make a radical decision to do something differently, you have created a shift in your world. And, whenever a shift happens there are repercussions.

Think of it meteorologically… Your life is going along. The sun is out. There are clouds. Some are white and fluffy, some are grey, and a few are dark and brooding. But, for the most part you’re handling it…until one of those dark clouds starts to hover. It gets cold and wet and just won’t let you see the sunshine.

You start to think that you would like something different. You see a patch of warm sunshine just over there and you decide that’s where you want to be.

As you turn and take the first step towards the sunshine, the cloud moves with you. This cloud is protecting you from getting sunburned and it takes its job seriously. So, it follows you.

Now, when two winds, going in different directions and having different temperatures, collide, things start to spin and anything around that spin becomes disrupted and uprooted.

What Storms Stir Up

This spinning storm stirs up all kinds of CRAP, bringing it to light so that you can clear it out/off to make space for a new upgraded life.

You will begin to see things that no longer serve. The rocks and mud holes that are keeping you “safe” under the cloud. You don’t want to get burned, so you start to wonder if the sun is all that great. You may even sit back down on a wet rock for a minute…but the sun is calling you.

In order to get to the sun, you need to start digging in and determine what it is you really want in life.

As this storm is blowing around, you are being blessed (if you can call it that 😜) with the fertilizer to grow your new garden. No one enjoys standing in the pile of crap, but as you sift through and transform that crap, it becomes the exact nutrients that your garden requires to grow full and lush.

Navigating the Storms

I have come to realize that, as with gardening, this growth is a never-ending cycle.

You want to start something new (a new garden), destruction happens first (tilling the soil), you take the first feeble steps (seeds are planted), the crap comes in (pile o’ fertilizer), sifting through it all (spreading the fertilizer and weeding), THEN things start happening (you see the sprouts)!

This happens each spring, year after year. And the farmer never stops when the dump truck drops its load. The farmer looks at the smelly pile, is grateful for the lush nutrients, puts a clip on her nose, and starts spreading the love.

Find Your People

If your dump truck has just dumped a load, find your nose clip and your farmer’s hands (those who are there to help you). They will be happy to help you sift through the pile and get the rich, fabulous, nutritious pile sorted out into the appropriate spaces.

Find those who are not afraid to step into it. Those who have been there and know the way! There is always someone you can reach out to that will know the way, you just need to reach out. Nobody does anything alone.

Remember, change starts with action. Download the free “Navigating Shift-Storms™” guide now and start navigating your own Shift-Storms™! Don’t miss your chance to access this valuable resource and take control of your life.

Welcome to the adventure that is your life! You’re in the right place, with the right people! Grab hold! It’s going to be EPIC!!!! 💃😍😁

Navigating Storms

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