Shift-Storms™, 3 Things to Remember

Things to Remember

As you move through the Shift-Storm™ there are three things to remember, Self-Acceptance, Nurturing Yourself, and Clearing your energy, thoughts, and space.

Life holds a lot of things within, and it is only with these periodic storms that items get culled from the warehouse.

  • Items that have been sitting on the shelf way too long and are out of date and no longer useful.
  • Thoughts and ideas that no longer serve but keep holding you in their grasp because “that’s just the way it is”. 
  • Learning that things are not the same as they were is a tough journey because it shakes up all your belief systems. You thought it was one way and it turns out it’s another.

Remember Self-Acceptance

This is where self-acceptance comes in.

Remember that you are doing the best you can with what you have.

As life goes on, you get more and more information. So, the decisions you made ten years ago don’t look so great because now you have more information. And you’re going to look back on today ten years from now and wonder why you made the decisions you made when there were so many other options.

The thing is, you can’t see those options today. You don’t have the information! Hindsight is 20/20, sometimes even 20/10, and foresight is maybe 20/200 if you’re lucky.

You made those decisions, and they brought you to where you are today. It’s ok!

What’s not ok is having access to more information and rejecting it to live in the past. Forever keeping that history alive today.

Every day is a new day for new experiences and learning. A chance to change your environment one degree at a time. You are who you are, and who you are is wonderful.

You know where you want to go (or at least where you DON’T want to go) and are taking steps to make it happen. Keep climbing that mountain. Take rests when needed. Stop, reflect, and rejuvenate on where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Remember why you are doing the things you’re doing. It’s important.

Remember to Nurture Yourself

Nurture yourself and your ideas. They are precious commodities that will gain a life of their own after they become strong enough. It is your job to take care of them until they can stand on their own.

Take the time to be soft and restful. Take the time to support yourself. This is your one life on this planet. It’s limited in time and space. Take what you need to ensure that you are supported, energized, and ready to continue your work.

By finding the support and strength for yourself, you will be able to gift that support and strength to others along your path.

There is no finite well of compassion. There is no end to the love and support you can receive. It may come from different places, but it all comes from the same source.

The universe is an abundant place and the energy is ever flowing. Don’t get stuck if it isn’t coming from where you WANT it. Look for the trickles around you and find ALL the sources. They are there if you look for them.

Clearing Out

Clearing yourself requires an acknowledgement of barriers you’ve erected along the way. These could be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

These barriers were put up to protect you along your journey. Some are still valid, but some just close you off from the abundance of life.

Finding the stories that shape you and looking at them from an observer’s perspective can show you where things can change. You are no longer 5 years old. You are no longer the teenager trying to cope. You are no longer the person you were last year or yesterday.

Your environment is different. The people surrounding you are different. The situation is completely different. You no longer need to react in the same manner.

It’s ok to clear out the old. But do so with gratitude. Acknowledge the protection and safety those behaviors, thoughts, and actions gave to you. Just because they are no longer useful now, doesn’t mean they weren’t useful then. They are a part of your toolbox. And while you may no longer have a use for them as you create new tools, they were appropriate for their time.

Museums are full of tools that were useful at one time but have been deemed obsolete with the creation of better, more efficient tools. You may relegate your old tools to your own personal museum. Interesting to look at and remember, but no longer useful at this point in your journey.

Your Journey

Some Shift-Storms™ are quick and initially destructive, others are like the monsoons…they go on for what seems like forever. Each has its place and time.

The quick tornados may feel catastrophic, but they are the kick in the ass that forces you to reevaluate your situation and take immediate action.

The Monsoons are the slower changes. The time to learn how to navigate a new situation, to take stock of your toolbelt and find something new. It takes time to adjust to a new environment, see how it works, what’s different, what’s the same, what is your place within it.

You are learning and growing each and every day. Be kind to yourself. If you need a partner, I’m here to help. Just download the FREE Shift-Storm™ PDF and let’s get started.

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