Attention for your Dream!

When you start to dream again, after years of letting life drive you around, it’s hard to remember what it’s all about. It’s hard to go back to your 5-year-old self and let your imagination run wild.

We keep thinking about the How and Why of it all instead of just allowing it to be. We get bogged down with all the comments that we’ve heard over the years. The small thinking and lack of vision of others.

There aren’t many people who are willing to risk their “safety” to create a better life for themselves. It takes a willingness to look at oneself, clear out the cobwebs, and give “others” the finger when required.

It is, after all, YOUR life.

You’ve done it “by the book” thus far and it’s gotten you where you are now, good, bad, or indifferent. Now it’s time to take life by the reins and start directing it where YOU want it to go.

This takes time and a lot of wrestling with past thoughts, habits, and concerns…but it is possible.

There is a process (yes, I’m still a process girl 😜) to achieving your dreams…it’s simple, but not easy.

There are three main things you need to give to your dreams and goals that will ensure they happen. I call them the 3 A’s of Achieving Your Dream:

  1. Attention
  2. Action
  3. Acknowledgement

A #1 – Attention

This is the most crucial one! If your attention wanders, everything else falls to the wayside.

When I was in my Performance Driving class, they spent a lot of time in the Skid Car. (A car rigged up to throw the driver into a skid/slide at any given moment) The point of this exercise was to train us on focusing where we wanted to go so that, even though the car was “out of control” at the moment, we would end up where we wanted to be.

The theory is that if you keep your eyes where you want to go, your body will make sure it happens. If you focus on the ditch, you’ll end up in the ditch. If you focus on the straightaway, you’ll end up on the straightaway.

The thing is, we tend to focus on what we want to avoid. Which means we end up smack in the middle of it, not avoiding it at all.

It takes time and practice to have the world spinning around you while keeping your focus on where you want to go. BUT, once you get the hang of it, all the extraneous items outside of that focal point just fall away.

It’s kind of amazing when it happens. It’s a level of clarity and surety that has a deep calming effect.

The same is true for your dreams and goals.

So, keep practicing by doing things that will bring your dream or goal back into your focal point.

This includes writing it down and reviewing it each day (maybe twice a day?). You could even go so far as to write it on a bunch of sticky notes and put them all over your house so that you run into it whenever you open the fridge, answer the phone, or turn on your car.

One way to start this process is to download and use the Goals Template. This template will help you hone in on what it is you really want, why you want it, and what it will take to achieve it!

And if you need some support, we’ll be starting another round of the Goals Challenge to walk you through it! Go ahead, get the Goals Template and get on the list for the next challenge. You have nothing to lose and your best life to gain!

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