Taking Inspired Action

In the last blog post, we discussed learning to dream for yourself. Taking back the reins for your own life and daring to go for what you REALLY want.

I introduced the high-level process I call the 3 A’s of Achieving Your Dream and we discussed A #1 – Attention. Where you look is where you’ll end up.

If you haven’t read it yet, go back and give it a look, then come back here and let’s dig in!

The second step in achieving your dreams is ACTION.

A #2 – Action

As you’re focusing your Attention on your Big Dream, you will start to see things that need to be done.

  • Technology you’ll need to procure.
  • Information you’ll need to learn.
  • People you’ll need to connect with.
  • Emotions and past trauma you’ll need to work through.

You see, achieving your Big Dream and Goal is an exercise in growth. You are growing your intellect, emotional capacity, and your comfort zone. And this doesn’t happen magically, it takes some work.

You can’t just sit there and give your dream the Attention only and expect the universe to put it in your lap without some action on your part. You can’t just watch the Lottery (attention) expecting your name to show up if you’ve never purchased a ticket (action).

Now the action could just be your daily to-dos, or they could be large investments of time and money.

Action in Reality

For example, when I initially moved from my hometown I wanted to buy a house but had no means at first.

So, I wrote down what I wanted my home to include, a dream list. (Attention) and then I set about living my life in my new town. Got a job, saved, found friends, went to another job with better pay, saved some more, got married, and finally bought a home.

As we were unpacking in our new home, I came across that dream list and saw that the home we purchased ticked off EVERY item on it!

I didn’t know how or when I would get my “dream home” but I specified it (attention) and started working toward it (action).

Some dreams take time. Others will come quickly.

Some actions will be just part of your daily life. Others will require some effort on your part. But take action, you must.

Even the smallest task will move you forward inch by inch, millimeter by millimeter. The universe is watching to see just how dedicated to your dream you are.

Consistent Action = Incremental Growth

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to be on and taking action 100% of the time! NO WAY! That only leads to burnout and frustration. Part of taking action is RESTING! Knowing when to recoup your energy and rest your body is part of the self-journey that incrementally adjusts you to the “new normal” of your Big Dream.

If you look at what happens to most Lottery winners, you would see that, within a few years, they are right back where they were before they won. How can that be? It’s because they weren’t ready, mentally or emotionally, for the windfall.

It was too much too soon. And what happens when you put more water in a cup that is already full? The excess spills out and you are only left with what the container can hold.

By taking action on your Big Dream, you are stretching your container. You are creating the space and environment to hold the “new normal” you wish to have.

One way to start taking action is to download and use the Goals Template. This FREE template will help you hone in on what it is you really want, why you want it, and what action you will need to take to achieve it!

And if you need some support, we’ll be starting another round of the Goals Challenge to walk you through it! Go ahead, get the FREE Goals Template and get on the list for the next challenge. You have nothing to lose and your best life to gain!

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