Accountability For Your Dreams

The last few blogs we’ve been talking about the 3 A’s of Achieving Your Goals. But there’s another ‘A’ word that goes along with the 3 A’s of Achieving Your Goals. That word is Accountability.

It’s hard to keep motivated and in Action all on your own. It’s so much better with a group of like-minded folks who will pick you up when you’re down, dust you off, and kick you in the ass (with love) to get back in there.

Every journey requires some level of support, no one does anything truly alone. And it’s up to you to find the right support for you.

Accountability Through Family

There is a level of support that can come from family, but it also comes with some pitfalls as well.

Family is SO CLOSE to you that their fears and worries can creep in to derail your journey. This is not generally meant to do so. It’s just that they may not be as risk tolerant as you are and the thought of you following your dream causes them some serious anxiety.

For example, if you decide you want to become a hang glider. You are dreaming of running and jumping off some cliff somewhere and soaring above the world, just you and the birds.

But your partner, kids, or parents are afraid of heights. They can only imagine you jumping off a cliff and falling to your doom. They might have some negative things to say about your hang gliding adventures.

The same thing happens with every dream. You see the amazing future, they see the pitfalls. It’s not that they don’t want you to succeed. It’s more likely that they are not ready for the level of growth that comes with your adventure.

They are trying to cling on to their comfort zone, while you’re trying to stretch yours. Your dream is forcing them to grow…and maybe they’re not quite ready yet.

That doesn’t mean they don’t love and support you. It just means they’re not ready for it all. And talking to people who aren’t ready just makes it harder on you. You want them to be excited, but all they see is your broken body at the bottom of a cliff and what that means for them.

Ease them into it by finding a group where you can express your enthusiasm and have it reflected back to you. As you grow along your adventure, you may have some bumps in the road with your family, but they will be smoothed out eventually.

Finding REAL Accountability From Your People

There are so many groups for so many different adventures that finding your people can be a maze. But, it is SO WORTH IT!

Take some time to peruse your town’s gatherings and/or the internet. Find the places where people who are doing what you want to do are hanging out.

Start lurking about. Learn the lingo (every group has their own). Start dipping your toe into what they’re doing.

Ask yourself:

  • Are these the kind of people I want surrounding me?
  • Is their conversation positive?
  • Do the members acknowledge the newbies and help them along?

If the answer is yes, then dig in!

Start participating. Ask your questions and contribute to the conversation. If they have events, help out.  You only become a part of a community by actively participating within it.

Sign up for their classes. Join their Social Media pages and groups. Go out for coffee, lunch, or dinner.

Pretty soon you’ll find your niche within the group and find that you are “one of them”. It happens in the blink of an eye. One moment you’re an outsider, a Noob. The next, you’re someone that people look up to.

Don’t Go It Alone

Having a group that supports and encourages you is the life blood of any adventure. They will pick you up when you inevitably fall, nurture you back to health, and put you back on the path to success.

It’s hard to jump off a cliff and expect to fly if you don’t have mentors and friends to show you the way.

If you’re looking for a group who will cheer your Big Dream and help you navigate the path to success, I offer to you Goals Bootcamp.

We are a group that has a wide variety of goals we want to achieve, from decluttering our homes to building thriving businesses. And we do this all through identifying our Big Dream and using the 3 A’s for Achieving Your Goals.

If you’re interested in going for your Big Dream, download the Goal Template to get you started along the path and we’ll put you on the list for the next Goals Challenge where you can check out the Goals Bootcamp community.

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