No matter what you do, if you keep doing it, you’ll get better at it.

When it comes to going for your dreams the same applies. Yes, life sometimes gets in the way. The J.O.B. requires overtime, kids need to be driven EVERYWHERE, the house needs to be cleaned, and Mt. Washmore is ever waiting.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t spend some time on your dream consistently.

It’s the action that keeps the momentum and the dream alive.

Take Constant Small Steps

When life gets too big and you can’t seem to focus on your dreams, take small steps to keep your focus on your dream.

  • Write it down again as you’re talking on the phone.
  • Doodle about it as you’re waiting in the doctor’s office.
  • Sing a silly song about it as you’re driving down the road.
Consistency is moving forward. Woman on Segway scooter.

Taking these small silly steps helps to keep your focus on what it is that you want in your life. And where you focus, you will go.

Your body naturally goes where your focus is. Like on a Segue. All you have to do is think about where you want to go and it starts going there.

Take Bigger Steps When You Can

When you have some time, like when the kids are at a sleepover and dishes are done (Mt. Washmore can just wait 😝 hehe), find a larger task that will move you forward towards your dream.

  • Paint that small painting.
  • Research your topic on the internet.
  • Go into that group and make connections.
  • Create the outline for your book.
  • Make that new lead magnet and landing page.

It is now one thing that is completed, and it will make doing the next thing just that much easier.

It’s ok if life interrupts and you have to let it lay in wait, it’s in process and that’s more than you had before.

Remember each step is a move closer to your dream and goal. It may not come in the time YOU want it to (we’re all impatient and want it NOW), but it WILL come.

Each incremental move provides an opportunity to slowly acclimate to the new normal you are seeking.

Consistency is Key

Just do something each day that keeps your focus on your dreams and goals. Whether it be big or small, it doesn’t matter. The simple act of doing keeps the momentum going and pulls your focus onto that which you want in your life.

If you need something to be that one thing, feel free to download this Dream Meditation and take 10 minutes each morning to put your focus on your dreams and goals before you even start your day.

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