From Shift-Storm™ to Upleveling

Things happen. Disaster strikes. You dig yourself a little deeper into the hole you’re trying to escape.

The thing is, these things happen to everyone. It’s when you can look for what these events uncover that you begin to shift your mindset to one of excitement instead of dread. To shift from “Why is this happening?🤦‍♀️” to “Ohh! What’s coming?💃”

The Shift-Storm™

I just had multiple events occur in the last week that have shaken things up.

  • Daughter unexpectedly in the hospital,
  • A neighbor absolutely losing their mind on us and causing a scene in the street, and lastly…
  • A blown water heater, flooding our garage.

Any one of these things could have wreaked havoc on anyone’s life. Causing a downward spiral of “WHY?” And I’m not saying there wasn’t a thought or two of that.

But then I thought of the river of water flowing out of my garage and thought, “This is washing away what I don’t need in my life.” (It doesn’t hurt that it’s the same side of the house as the neighbor who went ballistic. 😊)

It’s also a great time to do some decluttering, mentally, emotionally, and physically.


These events have uncovered some items that we thought had been dealt with, but still have some lingering roots.

Our daughter in the hospital brings up the opportunity to look at our self-care routine. Looking for avenues of support and improvement for not just her, but our family as a whole. What’s working and what isn’t.

The neighbor has brought up some trauma from a parent who has passed, and we get to see how that is still affecting our family and now have an opportunity to heal that wound some more.

The water heater has given both the opportunity for gratitude and physical decluttering. Gratitude that we have structured our storage space so that the water didn’t damage a lot. And the opportunity to declutter those items that were damaged. Let’s face it, if it was in the garage just sitting there gathering dust, it probably wasn’t all that important.

If you can shift your perspective to what you can gain from a “disaster” the more resilient you will become at moving through them. The less likely you will be stuck in the “suckies” and the faster you will be able to “upgrade” life.

I’m not saying these “disasters” don’t suck! They do. And you’ll have your emotional breakdowns, grief, and explosions. Allow them to be what they are. Get that initial “AAARRRGGGHHH!” out. FEEL IT! Just don’t get stuck in it.

Merging the Shift-Storm™ and Uplevel

Once the initial “OH CRAP” is complete, start looking for what it’s uncovering. You may find yourself digging deeper into the hole, only to find a vein of gold just centimeters down that will give you the opportunity and leverage to hoist you out and build the foundation for an amazing life.

The more you practice this the faster the results come.

If you need some support in shifting your perspective, check out my FREE Navigating Shift-Storms™ PDF. It walks you through journal prompts that will transform your mindset from one of “This SUCKS!” 😖 to “OH! I’m upleveling!” 🫠🙂

You’ve got this! It’s not as hard as it seems, it just takes some practice.

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