Growing Your Life

As you are growing, you need to give yourself some grace. You are learning, not only to hold your boundaries, but how to expand them as well.

As you learn and grow, you gain clarity about what is for you and what is not for you. Clarity on what boundaries to hold with others and which to stretch within yourself.

Grow Your Dreams

Going for your dreams and goals is an adventure in which you will bump up against yourself many times. You will bump up against familial traditions and trauma. These can stop most people from moving forward as they feel as if they should honor their past and elders.

But the human story keeps changing and if you hold on to ALL of the past, you cannot see the beauty of what is in front of you and what is possible. Each jump forward in the human existence has come from acknowledging the past, thanking it, and then breaking the rules to find a new way. No one thought humans could strike rocks together and create fire…until someone did.

Find Your Rocks

You have your own “rocks” that will spark a leap forward in your life. People will look at you like you’re crazy, just like that caveman back in the day. The sparks will fly as you bang your rocks and people will laugh and jeer…but then a fire will appear, and you will be the one tending it. They will gather round your fire to stay warm and be nourished by the food cooking on it.

Give yourself some grace as you stumble around trying to find the right “rocks” that will create the spark for you. It’s not easy being seen as the village mad woman. But as you search and learn, you’re building the path to an inevitable life that is barely fathomable at this moment. You can rest, but never quit.

Put up the boundaries to keep your dream safe and alive. Nurture your dream until it is strong enough to hold its own. Then let it out for all to see. They will thank you for it.

Keep moving forward and gain clarity with each step. There will be many twists and turns and obstacles that show up. They are there to shine a light on those things in the darkness so that you can face and deal with them.

Growing Forward

Once conquered, you will be able to move forward with confidence. Those things will no longer clutch at your being, holding you back from what you know is your best life.

And, who knows… You may end up on a trail you never imagined! Trust that you’re going the right way. Your intuition and knowledge will lead you to experience things that will help you along the way.

Yes, even the hard and painful things are there to move you forward. They are the Shift-Storm™ that clears out what is not working so that you can upgrade and shift into a better life.

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