Wrapping Up The Year

How does one wrap up their year? It starts with a journal and listing out what happened and what didn’t happen. Taking the time to reflect on all the events that occurred. Some were good, some were not, and others were just whatever.

Reviewing your year gives you the opportunity to see how far you’ve come, put the spotlight on spaces that are trying to hide, and create the foundation for the next round.

Life is an amazing game. And in every game or sport there are times of reflection.

Quick Check-Ins – Wrapping Up The Play

In football, you have half-time. In racing, pit-stops. These are all times when the team pulls together to reflect on what happened in the last lap and try to strategize on what to do in the next round.

These are all times of pivots and adjustments. Finding those quick wins to adjust the trajectory of the game. These are important and help turn the tide in the moment. It’s in these times where those Hail Marys come out and you try the impossible. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t…but you learn!

Strategic Reviews – Wrapping Up The Game

Strategic Reviews happen after the game, after the race. This is where the team sits down and looks at what happened during the event and makes decisions with a calmer perspective. There are no “what the hell, let’s try this” moments.

These are reviews that contemplate what went wrong (where and why), what worked really well, and how can we incorporate what we learned into making the next game better. It’s time to focus in on training players and tweaking processes to make things flow efficiently. Practicing those repetitive tasks, those pass routes, the tire changes, until those involved can do it in their sleep with no mistakes.

Wrapping Up The Season

This is where the major changes happen. All the information from the year is reviewed. What worked and what didn’t. Were the goals met or did they fall short?

This isn’t a time for blame or if only’s. This is a time of reflection on how far you’ve come and where you want to go next. This is the time for major renovation. The vision for the game is reiterated or updated. Players and team members shift. Tools are updated or revamped. Major goals are reassessed and adjusted.

The same applies to you. You have the opportunity to reflect and see where adjustments can be made to ensure that you achieve your dreams and goals. This is not something that everyone does, but those who do are the ones who make things happen.

What would happen if…

What if everyone stopped for a moment when they passed GO and collected their $200 to look at what happened during their last lap of the board? Yeah, the dice have their say, but when you have a plan the game goes much better.

These last months of the year are your time. Use them for your End of Season Wrap Up.

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  • Celebrating Your Accomplishments so you can build your confidence by acknowledging that you DID SOMETHING! Be proud of your year, no matter how it turned out.
  • and Looking Forward to the New Year where you will set the vision for where you want to go so that you can start mapping out how to get there.

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