About Dodona Coaching

The first question I get is, “Why the name Dodona?” Well…

Dodona (Δωδώνα, Δωδώνη, Dodoni) is an important ancient Greek oracle, second in fame only to Delphi. It is located in a strategic pass at the eastern slopes of the imposing Mt. Tomaros, close to the modern city of Ioannina in western Epiros. It was dedicated to Zeus and Dione, and the Greeks believed it to be the most ancient of oracles.”

As I was thinking about what it is that we do when coaching (both coach and client), it came to me that we are tapping into the universal knowledge and all the possibilities therein. So, it seemed right to choose as my guiding light a symbol of that ancient universal knowledge…the Oracles of old. When I found Dodona, it spoke to me as it was a site of ancient sacredness (even before the Greeks):

“Early worship at the site seems to reach back to the first half of the 3d millennium BCE (or earlier) with the worship of the Great Goddess the goddess of fertility and abundance.”

Here’s to the fertility of ideas to grow your business and the abundance that growth will bring you and your world!


What People Say

It was valuable to be able to document forward motion and bring to the table some wins.

Elaine Allen https://www.startinart.com/

In these conversations I’m getting really clear about what’s important to me and what’s worth my time and what’s not.

Yvonne Burgess
Chief Systems Architect

I left our coaching with a renewed faith in my ability to take small steps for a greater outcome, and she held me accountable throughout the entire process.

Jill Courtney
JCreative Multimedia

Let’s build something together.