Navigating Life’s Storms

Navigating Storms Have you noticed that, just as you’re about to LEAP forward, your “comfort zone energy” jumps in and says “WAIT! BUT! HOLD ON A SECOND! You can’t do THAT! It’s DIFFERENT!!!” This energy shows up to sabotage in all kinds of ways: Its only purpose is to keep you “safe” (well, what itContinue reading “Navigating Life’s Storms”

Expectation of time

Knowing your ‘time speed’ will help you when it comes to building your expectations of time. If you are a jack rabbit, your expectation of time are shorter. If you are a turtle, like I am, your expectation of time are longer. It’s a good thing to have a mix in your organization. If you’reContinue reading “Expectation of time”

Finding your Future State

You need to know where you’re going in life and in business, to find your Future State. If you don’t, you’ll never get anywhere…you’ll just spin in circles and wonder why you’re not making any moves or improvements. Don’t just sit and spin! There are days when I just sit and spin and get soContinue reading “Finding your Future State”

What is Happiness?

Merriam Webster defines happiness as: happiness noun (hap·-pi·-ness | \ ˈha-pē-nəs  \)1a: a state of well-being and contentment : JOYb: a pleasurable or satisfying experience There seems to be a common misconception that happiness is something that we either have or don’t have. The truth is that happiness is a skill: It’s a particular wayContinue reading “What is Happiness?”

What is Awareness?

Merriam Webster defines awareness as: awareness noun (aware·ness | \ ə-ˈwer-nəs ) the quality or state of being aware knowledge and understanding that something is happening or exists Let’s take a look at these… 1. the quality or state of being aware When you are aware you see things, know things, perceive things. You: seeContinue reading “What is Awareness?”

What is a Possibility?

Merriam Webster defines possibility as: possibility noun (pos·si·bil·i·ty \ pä-sə-ˈbi-lə-tē \) the condition or fact of being possible archaic: one’s utmost power, capacity, or ability something that is possible potential or prospective value —usually used in plural Let’s take a closer look at these… 1 the condition or fact of being possible There was aContinue reading “What is a Possibility?”

Where is your New Years Resolution today?

So, you’ve made your new year’s resolution, you’ve thought about your goals for your life and business…It’s now February…how’s that going for you? Do you even remember what you thought about? What steps have you taken towards them? Or are you in the same place you were January 1st? Don’t worry, this is normal. Heck,Continue reading “Where is your New Years Resolution today?”

Reinventing Your Life, Part 4

This is the final installment of this series. Listening to Luis Carlos Flores ( speak at a conference about reinventing his life was so powerful. I’m grateful to have this chance to really go deep and discuss with you all the thoughts, actions, and processes he went through to bring about his change. The firstContinue reading “Reinventing Your Life, Part 4”