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Registration for Goals Bootcamp Intensive
Is now OPEN!

Don’t spend another year end thinking:
“Well, Another year wasted…
did a lot of stuff, but didn’t accomplish anything.”

Learn to take the first steps making your dreams and goals concrete so that you can accomplish the things that feel impossible. Get your focus back on the dreams and goals that are important to you.

Everyone strives for something…will you strive alone?

Or would you rather have a group of people, a “crew”:

  • to support you and encourage you,
  • cheering you on as you make strides,
  • holding your dream sacred as you deal with setbacks and obstacles,
  • celebrating with you when you achieve major milestones,
  • and being there with you as you stand in wonder after taking that final step and stand atop that mountain that you never thought you could climb?

No one makes BIG DREAMS happen alone.

For the last three years, Goals Bootcamp has been creating a community of people who are achieving their dreams one step at a time.

Everything from the small dreams of “getting the house organized” to the big dreams of “Building my business” and “Buying my first home”.

Now is the time to set your intentions and go for your goals, big or small.


Here are the stats when it comes to people and their goals:

  • 80% of people don’t even think about their goals.
  • 16% of people think about goals but don’t ever write them goals down.
  • 3% of people think about goals and actually write them goals down.
  • 1% of people think about their goals, write them down, AND regularly review them!

Those 1% of people are among the highest achievers in society.

Now, I know in this day and age it’s unpopular to be in the top 1-2%, especially in America. But do you want to achieve your dream? Do you want your life to be fulfilled and full of adventure? Do you want to be able to give abundantly to your favorite charity or cause? This won’t happen without steady focus on what it is you want to achieve. You can change what the 1% looks like!

In this group you will set your intentions for the life you want to lead. You will be able to share your dreams with those that support your efforts and encourage you when things aren’t happening quite as planned.

Strategy, Map, Plans

No race was ever won without a strategy. No adventure was ever conducted without a map. No day was ever successful without a plan. If you don’t have your road map, you are carried away by whim and could end up in some sketchy places.

Break out your hiking boots, travel map, and compass because we’re going on a grand adventure called…GOING FOR YOUR DREAM. Sign up TODAY!

Success doesn’t happen alone! You need to find the people to support your vision and dreams. This group is ALL about that!

What’s Included:

  • 8 weeks of Live group calls – Each call will give you the opportunity to check in with how you’re doing and to share about your dreams and goals. Sharing brings your dream or goal into reality and gives you some accountability…someone else knows and is excited for you. Each week will include:
    • Discussions about creating your goals (workbook assignments)
    • Discussions about any hurdles that may be coming up with the assigned sections
    • Encouragement, support, and celebration of accomplishments
    • Connections and the sharing of your journey
  • Private Facebook Group – Your own personal community. A safe space to share your dreams and be vulnerable when the chips fall. Get and give the support and encouragement to “Keep Calm and Carry On”.
    • Ask questions
    • Share interim accomplishments
    • Request and give support when it all hits the fan
  • 2 Amazing Goals Workbooks, one for Life and one for Business – to keep your goals organized and in one place! It’s also somewhere you’ll be able to return to over and over to review and ensure that you stay on track. These books go into great detail for every part of your life and/or business. Areas such as:
    • Creativity
    • Education
    • Family/Friendship
    • Health
    • Organization
    • Boundaries
    • Marketing


  • Deciding between what’s URGENT, Important, or back burnerable – This course walks you through how to determine which tasks are URGENT, which are Important, and which can sit on the back burner for a while. It’s so helpful to know and be able to schedule your day in order to get the most productivity possible WITHOUT running around like a chicken and burning out! ⛱️ ($197 Value)
  • Navigating the sh*t-storms! – This course helps you build resiliency for when those obstacles come crashing in! It will help you shift your perspective so that you will see those Sh*t-Storms as wonderful fertilizer for your dreams! Yes, it is possible to look forward to the sh*t flying! 😲 ($197 Value)

Investment: $497

Money Back Guarantee

100% before books shipped

85% after books shipped up to 7-days after start of course

One More Bonus!

One 1-hour one-on-one coaching session – to work on whatever is holding you back from moving forward on your DREAM LIFE! ($150 value)


Create your best year ever by stepping into the 1% and show yourself what life could really be like if you step into your highest self and create good in the world.

Having a group that will hold you accountable is like having a great pit crew behind you. They will support you in achieving your dreams and goals, hold your feet to the fire to ensure you do the work, and be there for you when (not if) things get wobbly, or blow up, to help you get back on the track and racing again.

What are your goals for this year? How are you keeping them alive, front and center? Get the support you need to make your dreams come true! Join Goals Bootcamp Book Intensive today!