Navigate your inner narrative with the Dodona Self-Awareness Assessment

Embark on a path of self-discovery to achieve personal clarity and confidence to move forward towards your dreams. 

Ready to illuminate and navigate your life’s true path? You've arrived at the perfect starting point.

Navigating the vast terrains of our personal and professional lives can sometimes leave us disoriented. Between relationships, jobs, finances, world events, and all of life's happenings, we can become unsure of our exact location in our own stories or how we even got here! 

That's why I created The Self-Awareness Assessment – so you can pinpoint precisely where you stand mentally, emotionally, and physically in your journey, allowing you to thoughtfully plan your next steps toward the aspirations you've always yearned for.

  • Discover your current position: Gain a clear perspective by checking in with your current reality, so you can be open to discover (and accept) what you really crave and desire. 
  • Personalized tips: Discover easy-to-implement steps tailored that meet you where you are so you can get clear on what actions will create the biggest shifts for you. 
  • Design your journey ahead: Primed with self-awareness, plan your path forward so that you know "the how", can identify possible internal and external obstacles, and can take inspired action towards your goals each day.
  • Embrace clarity & purpose: With a newfound understanding of where you are and where you're going - and most importantly where there are obstacles – so you move with intention and purpose with every step becoming a leap toward your dreams.

Hi, I'm Amelia McHenry. 

I'm a dream-weaver, vision nurturer, opportunity architect, and occasional karaoke star on a mission to help individuals discover their pivotal role in their own narrative.

Life is a tapestry of moments, choices, and paths taken or not. My innate talent lies in guiding individuals to illuminate the unique patterns in their tapestry, revealing the story that only they can tell. Partnering with me offers you a mirror, reflecting back the brilliance and potential you might sometimes overlook.

The Self-Awareness Assessment is a reflection of my philosophy; it's about understanding and grounding before advancing. By identifying where you are in your journey, you're better equipped to embrace the twists and turns, ensuring that each step taken is steeped in intention and aligns you to the essence of your aspirations.

Your roadmap to your dream future awaits

Every story has its essence...
let's find yours.

Join this select circle of women taking the reins of their life narrative. With the Self-Awareness Assessment PDF, you're not just learning about your current phase but reigniting the aspirations that define you. YOU can direct your life with purpose and enthusiasm.

It's time to dance on your life's stage.