Process Documentation

Clone University is here to help you replicate yourself and grow your business.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking:
“I NEED TWO OF ME! If I could only clone myself I could get all of this stuff done.”

The good news is you can clone yourself…as well as get your business on the fast track to efficiency, AND have the resources to build your team and scale your business.

I can help. I am Amelia McHenry (aka The Process Queen) and in my 15+ year career as a Technical Writer and Business Analyst, I’ve mastered and taught Process Documentation for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. I know that I can teach you how to “Clone Yourself” and make life easier.

Yes this will work for you even if you:

  • can’t remember all the steps you take for your repeatable daily tasks
  • are reinventing the wheel every time you do something
  • don’t know exactly who to hire
  • feel when you do hire someone, you don’t have the time to train them

All you need is a system.

One in which everyone knows what to do and when.

Taking the initial time to document your processes now will pay the dividends of more time, greater productivity, cohesive teams, and satisfied customers.

Let’s get your business on that fast track to efficiency, build your team and scale your business with ease.

Clone-U Offerings


Emily Tree
Traffic Ready Courses
“The challenge helped me understand what a process is and the details that need to go into it, like where one process ends and the other one begins, and fully understand the scope of each one.
Since completing the challenge, we have created our first processes, which has shown us visually where there are gaps within our business and how we can improve efficiency. It now feels that we are pulling our business together with a plan and structure which is making our job much easier.”

Jim Bauer
Hewlett Packard
Amelia has successfully contributed both ideas and solutions to make the new process a success. Some of Amelia’s recommendations have been implemented and are currently used in the process. She always points out what she feels could be an issue and ensures that it is solved right, and if not, immediately follows up to ensure it gets resolved.

Dennis Baker, SAFe Program Consultant
Amelia demonstrates outstanding skills in documenting complex project processes and procedures. In addition, Amelia has a personality that is team-oriented and cheerful. With an added depth of critical thinking skills, Amelia is a must-have on any project or team.

Greg Slonecker, MBA
Hewlett Packard
Amelia was a consummate scribe and easily translated complex business work flows into understandable process narratives for any lay reader. She was a dedicated team player, assisting our entire team in producing document deliverables ahead of schedule and to the Bureau’s specifications.

Andrea Justus, Senior Program Manager
Hewlett Packard Enterprises
Amelia is a pleasure to work with, she is definitely on top of her game when it comes to tech writing. Aside from her basic skills as a writer, Amelia uses other tools and experiences to create interactive training materials that show users how to perform certain technical functions in a clear and concise way. She is constantly open to new ideas and leads by example with great communication skills and a great attitude.

Laura Anderson, PMP, CSM, CSPO
DXC Technology
Amelia McHenry is a valued team member at the HP – TennCare account. As we rise from a CMMI level 2 to level 3 organization, there are a multitude of new documentation and training materials that she and her team are asked to develop or review on an aggressive timeline – and she goes the extra mile to meet those deliverables.