Simply Systemize™ Challenge

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Our next Challenge begins: October 17, 2021

Your time is valuable and you’re spending it on so much! I can show you how to get your processes written in 10 minutes a day.

It’s guaranteed that you will not catch everything on your first attempt, but you’ll notice that it immediately starts saving you time.

  • You’ll stop having to rethink what you’re doing,
  • be able to move faster through the tasks, and
  • eventually be able to pass the task on to others so that
  • you can focus on revenue generating tasks.
Get your business organized and systemized!

Get your business organized and systemized in just 10 minutes a day!

Get your first process written and in the books.

Investment: $50.00

Planning to write your first process as an entrepreneur is overwhelming. You’re most likely thinking that a process contains lots of detail, however, your first process only needs to be an outline of what you’re doing.

Don’t know where to start or think writing processes is boring?

Start with something fun, something you love doing. This will make the learning fun. And you never know, you may end up creating something you can pass on to your clients! (Can you say revenue generating?)

And boring?? Let me tell you, writing out processes can show you where you have an opportunity to create revenue, make your business more efficient. Is growing your revenue boring?? I think not!

Perhaps you’d rather scale and spend your time elsewhere. By writing out your repetitive processes you’ll be able to hand them off to someone else, thus creating more time to working on scaling your business.

This six-day challenge will show you a quick and easy way through each step of writing a basic process and will begin the journey to get your business organized and systemized.

During the challenge you’ll get:

  • Welcome Zoom call to review why documenting your processes is so important and review how the challenge will proceed.
  • Facebook Group to post questions, concerns, and get/give support from Amelia and your fellow challenge takers.
  • Daily Facebook videos and PDF Challenge Workbooks to explain that day’s lesson and homework. Dripping out this information will assist in overcoming any overwhelm.
  • Closing Ceremony to celebrate the accomplishment of writing your first process! This is a BIG DEAL and it deserves to be celebrated!
Get your business organized and systemized in VIP style!


Investment: $100.00

When you sign up for the VIP Challenge, you will also get a 15 minute call with Amelia!

Once you’ve written out your process, you may not capture all the detail initially, but when you go back and remember a missed step you can add it to what is already written ensuring that ALL steps are accounted for and remembered. Amelia will personally review your document and give you her expert insight.

Ask your questions and receive valuable feedback to improve and further clarify your process. Past VIP participants have said, “It now feels that we are pulling our business together with a plan and structure which is making our job much easier.” (Emily T. – Traffic Ready Courses)

The best day to get your business organized and systemized was yesterday. The second best day is today. Go ahead, click the button if you are ready for your business to GROW.

You are the driver of your business. Always remember to:

Keep your eyes on the horizon,
Your hands on the wheel, and
Your foot on the GAS!

Amelia Kram McHenry – Dodona Coaching

Leigh Woolard
CEO, Traffic Ready Courses