Attention for your Dream!

Attention When you start to dream again, after years of letting life drive you around, it’s hard to remember what it’s all about. It’s hard to go back to your 5-year-old self and let your imagination run wild. We keep thinking about the How and Why of it all instead of just allowing it toContinue reading “Attention for your Dream!”

What Processes Mean to Your Business

Processes Processes are the structure within which your business thrives. They give you the room for inspiration, the tools to find the shadow treasures, and the freedom of having a business that works even if you’re not there! Processes Create Inspiration Even though processes are seen as a highly structured “noose” (“draconian” I’ve heard said),Continue reading “What Processes Mean to Your Business”

Honesty-Foundation for Improvement

Honesty I was at an event recently in which we were all discussing living a better life and how to go about that. The discussion started with finding the gap between where you are and where you want to be and figuring out how to get from here to there mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.Continue reading “Honesty-Foundation for Improvement”

Are you ready for growth?

Growth Growth is a part of business. If your business is not growing, chances are it is declining. There are four stages of business growth. Survival, Stationary, Scaleable, and Saleable. Survival Stage – Planting the seed and setting roots When you’re in Survival, you are scrambling. Scrambling to obtain clients and deliver goods/services. Chances areContinue reading “Are you ready for growth?”

Moving Forward and Getting Unstuck

Moving Forward In order to move forward with anything you do, there has to be a recognition of where you are and how you got there. There has to be a healing journey to make where you are ok. You did what was necessary, made the choices you made, and now you are here. YouContinue reading “Moving Forward and Getting Unstuck”

Expectations and Accountability

Everyone has expectations. Expectations of their partners, children, managers, employees. Heck we even have expectations of the animals around us and even nature. We expect all of them to be “good”, whatever that looks like to us. And when it’s not, we call it “unexpected” and generally deem it “bad”. Now there are things thatContinue reading “Expectations and Accountability”

High Achievers Write Goals and Review Regularly!

Achieve The new year has begun, and the wheels are already turning. It’s time to jump in the driver’s seat and take control of where you’re going. By taking a few moments to sit down and write out your goals for the year, you grab the reins and tell the universe, “THIS is what willContinue reading “High Achievers Write Goals and Review Regularly!”

Welcome 2023 – Intentions and Goals

Goals Welcome to 2023! Heading into the new year most people set some kind of resolution. They resolve to “be better” in the next year. The thing is, you weren’t bad last year. You lived, learned, and grew. Each January is a moment to start again. A moment to take stock of all that happenedContinue reading “Welcome 2023 – Intentions and Goals”

Life Stories – Living in your “Core You”

Life Stories When you’re living in your “core you”, it doesn’t matter what others do or say. You are protected by your own personal Teflon. It is a strength of being that allows you to move through times of chaos without breaking and falling apart. When you’re not worried about what others think of you,Continue reading “Life Stories – Living in your “Core You””