Start Documenting Your Business

It’s always difficult to know where to start. There are so many things to do, so many paths you can take that it becomes overwhelming. The best place to start with is where you are now. What are the things you’re currently doing and working towards? If you start with where you are and whatContinue reading “Start Documenting Your Business”

Small Business, Big Potential

Today is National Mom & Pop Business Day and I’ve been thinking about how all businesses start out small and grow into the large corporations we know today. I think of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, David Packard, Bill Hewlett, and other entrepreneurs that started their respective companies doing weird stuff in their garages! They areContinue reading “Small Business, Big Potential”

Moving Forward and Getting Unstuck

Moving Forward In order to move forward with anything you do, there has to be a recognition of where you are and how you got there. There has to be a healing journey to make where you are ok. You did what was necessary, made the choices you made, and now you are here. YouContinue reading “Moving Forward and Getting Unstuck”

Processes: The Goals of Your Business

Processes: The Goals of Your Business The idea of writing processes for your business can feel like a drudgery, and inconvenience, and hard work. But the truth is that processes are really just the goals you have for your business. Each process has a purpose and objective that leads to the higher goal of yourContinue reading “Processes: The Goals of Your Business”

Manage Teams with the Help of Processes

Manage Teams How do processes help you manage a team? There are lots of tricks to managing a team. And lots of ways to NOT manage a team. No one wants to be a micro-manager, and no one wants (or likes) a micro-manager, but how does one keep from over managing? It comes down toContinue reading “Manage Teams with the Help of Processes”

The Shortcut to Business Growth

The Shortcut to Business Growth Business is like sailing on the ocean. You weave side to side in order to move forward. It takes time and effort to get where you’re going and you’re dependent on the wind. When you first start out you’re on a single sail ship. You’re the only one directing theContinue reading “The Shortcut to Business Growth”

Terminology of Systemization

Terminology of Systemization is tough to navigate because people mistakenly use words for multiple definitions, especially “process” and “procedure”. Often when I’m talking about writing your processes people come back with, “YES! I totally need to get my SOPs together!” (Standard Operating Procedures) And while I’m grateful they think that, considering a process the sameContinue reading “Terminology of Systemization”

Building your business awareness

There are many levels of business awareness. To become aware of what you do in your business, you need to pay attention, take stock, and list it out. Where to start – Business Level Awareness If you start with your holistic business path, you’ll get some clarity as to how your business flows at theContinue reading “Building your business awareness”

Stage 4 – IMPACT

Stage 4, the last stage of a business, is IMPACT. Remember, in Stage 1 you get an IDEA for a business, and you start learning. In Stage 2 you begin to PRACTICE, implementing all that you’ve learned. In Stage 3 you start to see the FRUITION of your efforts and have the cohesive workings ofContinue reading “Stage 4 – IMPACT”

Process Documentation: What the heck IS it?

So, what is process documentation? Well, let’s look at the definitions of Process and Documentation: Process: a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. Documentation: material that provides official information or evidence or that serves as a record. So, Process Documentation is the act of creating material that providesContinue reading “Process Documentation: What the heck IS it?”