Setting Goals – What keeps you from it?

Setting Goals Setting goals is more than just saying you want to do something. There is some thought and planning that needs to take place to make a goal a “real” thing and not just some pie in the sky dream. This keeps a lot of people from setting goals and achieving them. There areContinue reading “Setting Goals – What keeps you from it?”

Attention for your Dream!

Attention When you start to dream again, after years of letting life drive you around, it’s hard to remember what it’s all about. It’s hard to go back to your 5-year-old self and let your imagination run wild. We keep thinking about the How and Why of it all instead of just allowing it toContinue reading “Attention for your Dream!”

Shift-Storms™, 3 Things to Remember

Things to Remember As you move through the Shift-Storm™ there are three things to remember, Self-Acceptance, Nurturing Yourself, and Clearing your energy, thoughts, and space. Life holds a lot of things within, and it is only with these periodic storms that items get culled from the warehouse. Remember Self-Acceptance This is where self-acceptance comes in.Continue reading “Shift-Storms™, 3 Things to Remember”

Navigating Life’s Storms

Navigating Storms Have you noticed that, just as you’re about to LEAP forward, your “comfort zone energy” jumps in and says “WAIT! BUT! HOLD ON A SECOND! You can’t do THAT! It’s DIFFERENT!!!” This energy shows up to sabotage in all kinds of ways: Its only purpose is to keep you “safe” (well, what itContinue reading “Navigating Life’s Storms”

What Processes Mean to Your Business

Processes Processes are the structure within which your business thrives. They give you the room for inspiration, the tools to find the shadow treasures, and the freedom of having a business that works even if you’re not there! Processes Create Inspiration Even though processes are seen as a highly structured “noose” (“draconian” I’ve heard said),Continue reading “What Processes Mean to Your Business”

Unconscious Stories

We all have unconscious stories that run our lives. Those stories that we took on as young ones. These stories kept us safe and connected in our environment. But as we grow and learn, sometimes these unconscious stories can hinder us in moving forward with what we want. These unconscious stories, or limiting beliefs, areContinue reading “Unconscious Stories”

Small Business, Big Potential

Today is National Mom & Pop Business Day and I’ve been thinking about how all businesses start out small and grow into the large corporations we know today. I think of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, David Packard, Bill Hewlett, and other entrepreneurs that started their respective companies doing weird stuff in their garages! They areContinue reading “Small Business, Big Potential”

When “Life” Hits the Fan

What do you do when things go sideways? When your whole life gets turned upside down? Or, maybe something smaller happens that ends up taking your day on a completely different path than you planned. Let’s face it, **it happens. Life hits the fan sometimes and it can turn into a mess. I call thisContinue reading “When “Life” Hits the Fan”