When “Life” Hits the Fan

What do you do when things go sideways? When your whole life gets turned upside down? Or, maybe something smaller happens that ends up taking your day on a completely different path than you planned. Let’s face it, **it happens. Life hits the fan sometimes and it can turn into a mess. I call thisContinue reading “When “Life” Hits the Fan”

Creating Your Dream Life

Creating Your Dream Life It all starts with a dream. A dream of something better. A better circumstance, a better job, a better home, a better relationship. But in order for that dream to come true, you must pull it from the ether and make it real in this plane of existence. That means (atContinue reading “Creating Your Dream Life”

Overwhelm and Letting Go

Overwhelm and Letting Go Being unable to let go is keeping you stressed and feeling overwhelmed. If you’re in the space where everything is on your shoulders and there’s just so much to do that you can’t possibly imagine you’ll ever make it happen because there’s no one around that can or will help you,Continue reading “Overwhelm and Letting Go”

Why Business Process Documentation

Why Business Process Documentation People always ask, “Why should I document my business processes?” Entrepreneurs don’t want to be or feel “corporate”, that’s why they’re entrepreneurs! You want to break the mold, bring some creativity to your business, not be bogged down by the draconian confines of ridged automated assembly lines! Document Repeatable Business ProcessesContinue reading “Why Business Process Documentation”

Gaining a Life of Freedom

Being aware of your processes can and will give you a life of freedom. Just as people need boundaries to feel safe and free, so does your business. If there are too many choices, too many options, people fall into decision paralysis. Having boundaries and structure gives you and your business the roots and stabilityContinue reading “Gaining a Life of Freedom”

Expectation of Happiness

What is your expectation of happiness? Is happiness a long lasting, “happily ever after” thing?  This is the ‘trap’ of happiness. The happiness you achieve eventually becomes your new “normal”. And once something becomes “normal” it is the human condition to want something new, something to make your life even MORE comfortable. Something to makeContinue reading “Expectation of Happiness”

How it All Leads to Happiness

How do you create happiness in your business? Do you do it through: Creating new products Helping customers Taking vacations Earning money Can you create happiness in your business when everything is falling apart? Happy when the world is blowing up! I recently went through a hard drive crash. This hard drive had yet toContinue reading “How it All Leads to Happiness”