Most Important Processes

Important Processes I get this question a lot, “What Processes are most important?” The answer is different depending on where you are in the process of systemizing your business. Important Processes to Move from Survival to Stationary When you’re starting out, it’s important to get quick wins and momentum. Start with your core line ofContinue reading “Most Important Processes”

Start Documenting Your Business

It’s always difficult to know where to start. There are so many things to do, so many paths you can take that it becomes overwhelming. The best place to start with is where you are now. What are the things you’re currently doing and working towards? If you start with where you are and whatContinue reading “Start Documenting Your Business”

Small Business, Big Potential

Today is National Mom & Pop Business Day and I’ve been thinking about how all businesses start out small and grow into the large corporations we know today. I think of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, David Packard, Bill Hewlett, and other entrepreneurs that started their respective companies doing weird stuff in their garages! They areContinue reading “Small Business, Big Potential”

Rolling With The Blues

The Blues Sometimes you just have to roll with the blues.  They show up unexpectedly and stop you in your tracks. You walk through the day as if you were a robot, just doing the daily things that need to be done. No emotion, enthusiasm, or enjoyment. Just pick up the thing and do it.Continue reading “Rolling With The Blues”

Moving Forward and Getting Unstuck

Moving Forward In order to move forward with anything you do, there has to be a recognition of where you are and how you got there. There has to be a healing journey to make where you are ok. You did what was necessary, made the choices you made, and now you are here. YouContinue reading “Moving Forward and Getting Unstuck”

Competing Priorities

Everyone has Competing Priorities. You’re moving around in your life and things are happening around you. The kids need this, your spouse needs that, work needs that over there, and it seems like there is no room for you and your needs or wants. Or it could be that your business is thriving, but you’reContinue reading “Competing Priorities”

The Power of Dreams

Dreams Dreams are what gets us up in the morning. They make life worth living. If we don’t have a dream that we are pursuing, life can become dull and depressing.  I’ve been there, done that.  Everyday I woke up and wondered what I was doing and why I was doing it. My kids wereContinue reading “The Power of Dreams”

Manage Teams with the Help of Processes

Manage Teams How do processes help you manage a team? There are lots of tricks to managing a team. And lots of ways to NOT manage a team. No one wants to be a micro-manager, and no one wants (or likes) a micro-manager, but how does one keep from over managing? It comes down toContinue reading “Manage Teams with the Help of Processes”

Why Business Process Documentation

Why Business Process Documentation People always ask, “Why should I document my business processes?” Entrepreneurs don’t want to be or feel “corporate”, that’s why they’re entrepreneurs! You want to break the mold, bring some creativity to your business, not be bogged down by the draconian confines of ridged automated assembly lines! Document Repeatable Business ProcessesContinue reading “Why Business Process Documentation”