Competing Priorities

Everyone has Competing Priorities. You’re moving around in your life and things are happening around you. The kids need this, your spouse needs that, work needs that over there, and it seems like there is no room for you and your needs or wants. Or it could be that your business is thriving, but you’reContinue reading “Competing Priorities”

The Shortcut to Business Growth

The Shortcut to Business Growth Business is like sailing on the ocean. You weave side to side in order to move forward. It takes time and effort to get where you’re going and you’re dependent on the wind. When you first start out you’re on a single sail ship. You’re the only one directing theContinue reading “The Shortcut to Business Growth”

Time Freedom

Most entrepreneurs I’ve spoken with have said they started their own business in order to have more freedom. More financial freedom, more time freedom. They dream of the life in which they can go where they want, with whom they want, whenever they want. And then reality sets in. Running a business is work. Yes,Continue reading “Time Freedom”

Expectation of time

Knowing your ‘time speed’ will help you when it comes to building your expectations of time. If you are a jack rabbit, your expectation of time are shorter. If you are a turtle, like I am, your expectation of time are longer. It’s a good thing to have a mix in your organization. If you’reContinue reading “Expectation of time”

Understanding YOUR time

How do you understand YOUR time? There are many different ways to understand and measure time. The time it takes you to: Soak in and understand a concept View and break down internal blocks Complete a task I am a very slow turtle when it comes to viewing and breaking down internal blocks. I getContinue reading “Understanding YOUR time”