Goals Bootcamp!

Join Goals Bootcamp From Passionate Dreams to Grounded Realities: Every Dream Has a Destiny and Direction.

I help determined women embrace a renewed self-identity, ensuring each dream is nurtured, every horizon expanded and every goal achieved.

The Perfect Place to Unveil Your True Self and Shine.

For years, you’ve been the anchor – for family, for work, for community. But amidst these roles, there’s a spark inside you, yearning for more, demanding to be kindled.

Let’s be real.

Many of us hit a point where we ask, “Is this it?” And I get it, because I’ve been there. It’s the voice echoing from within, hinting at dreams not yet pursued, passions not yet unfurled. Maybe it’s an old hobby begging to become a vocation or a latent talent waiting for its spotlight. Whatever it is, it’s profound, and it’s yours.

It’s the dance between dreams and reality.

That’s why I crafted the Goals Bootcamp. Not just as another coaching program but as a journey of collective wisdom. A space where every member is both a mentor and a mentee. Because, when one dream takes flight, it lifts us all.

Enter Goals Bootcamp: a sanctuary of shared journeys. It’s not just about achieving, but evolving. Not just learning, but teaching. Here, we don’t just aspire, we inspire. Every member is both a beacon and a seeker, shining light on paths previously hidden in shadows.

Let’s redefine goal-setting. Dive into a tapestry woven with collective wisdom and experiences. After all, every dream deserves its day and every day deserves a dream. Here, we don’t just dream – we manifest. Ready to co-create your next chapter?

From Burning Desires to Bright, Bold Realities.

You’re a Dreamer, a Doer, and a Destiny Shaper, set on creating waves of change.

There’s something incredibly unique about you. That persistent fire, the insatiable urge to create, share, and elevate. It’s not just a fleeting thought; it’s a heartfelt mission, a deep-seated purpose waiting to paint the world with its colors.

And here, within the embrace of Goals Bootcamp, we recognize and celebrate that spirit. Every glint in your eye, every whispered dream, every echoed desire – we see it, we celebrate it, and we’ll help you achieve it.

While the world may rush on, here, we pause to listen, to understand, to nurture. Your commitment deserves more than just applause; it demands unwavering support and guidance so we give it to you.

You’re weaving not just a dream, but your birthright. And while the threads are uniquely yours, we’re here, right beside you, holding the loom steady so you can continuously move forward to achieving your dream step by step.

Together, we’ll craft a tapestry of triumphs, where your mission and our support intertwine seamlessly so that you reach your goals and dreams sooner than you thought.

Mapping Dreams to Destinies

Elevate your dreams, embrace your purpose, and thrive in collective wisdom
so you can capture the success you envision for yourself
and rise with a collective force behind you.

Let’s co-create wonders.

Embrace Every Facet of You Fearlessly

Dive deep, unearth treasures of your essence, and let your inner brilliance light your path so that you can live a life that is authentic to YOU.

Aligning Dreams with Destiny

Not just chasing dreams, but aligning them, ensuring every passion finds its purposeful place so that your life is fulfilling in every way.

Thriving Through Shared Journeys

Every story, every journey contributes to a tapestry of transformation where you learn from others so that you have a clearer path. Together, we elevate.

Finding Wisdom Within with Guided Reflection.

Every year is filled with lessons, both hidden and overt. The End of Year reflection is about acknowledging these, understanding our current state, and setting the stage for the year ahead. It is more than just looking back. It’s about drawing the roadmap for what’s next by understanding our past.

Charting Success: Dream, Design, Deliver.

In January and February, your dreams gain definition. We address every aspect, ensuring your goals are not only aspirational but also achievable.

Together, we’ll set an intensive pace, covering all spheres of your life and business, turning amorphous dreams into actionable goals. Every dream deserves a roadmap.

Nurturing Dreams: Progress, Pivot, Prosper.

From March to December, the journey is about nurturing your goals. The real magic happens in these months. Our bi-monthly checkpoints become your compass, guiding and realigning your journey.

Each month becomes a space for reflection, celebration, and recalibration, ensuring you’re always in sync with your goals, reveling in every achievement, and learning from every challenge.

Join Goals Bootcamp
Start Charting Course and Changing Your Life.

Unlock, unleash, and understand your deepest dreams with Goals Bootcamp. We’re here for those eager to build, to grow, and to soar.

In Goals Bootcamp, we embrace dreams, define directions, and craft compelling journeys. Perfect for those poised at the cusp of change, hungry for evolution. Are you ready for your metamorphosis?

For every dreamer ready to rise, evolve, and flourish. The journey of a lifetime starts now.


What people have said about Goals Bootcamp

After going through Goals Bootcamp, I feel like I have a better perspective on what I want and what I want to accomplish and how to get there.” – Kathi Burkhart

It’s amazing to show up to a space where we’re all experiencing things very differently, but we all really relate and understand and support each other.” – Sondra Hardy

With Goals Bootcamp, I had the opportunity to share what I was feeling and share where I was in that moment and get support, help, and encouragement.” – Deidra Howland

Beyond The Bootcamp:
Valuable Bonuses For You!

One-on-One Strategy Session

A Strategy Session Tailored Just for You.

No two dreams are alike.

Dive into a consultation tailored to your aspirations, refining and realigning your goals to your unique path.

($400 Value)

Dreamer’s Roadmap Course

Crafting the Ultimate Dreamer’s Blueprint.

Understand the art and science behind achieving goals.

Master the nuanced techniques of setting, refining, and achieving dreams with this self-paced course.

($350 Value)

Personal Branding Workshop

Aligning Identity with Aspirations.

Align your identity with your dreams.

Learn to curate and communicate a personal brand that maximizes opportunities and speaks to your core.

($550 Value)


Goals Bootcamp

From Potential to Achievement: Your Journey

Our core program is more than just guidance—it’s a partnership. We walk beside you, offering tailored strategies to ensure you not only dream but achieve. Harness the power of intention, action, and persistence. With us, goal setting becomes an art, and achievement, a routine. The core program is your ticket to a future where you’re not just dreaming bigger, but achieving bigger. Begin a transformative journey, where every step is a leap towards success. Here, dreams find direction, and goals find fruition.

$2,249 VALUE

One-on-One Strategy Session

A Customized Roadmap for Your Dreams

Every dreamer is distinct, and so should be their strategy. This bonus offers individualized insights, laying down the roadmap that is uniquely yours, so you can chase your dreams with unwavering conviction.

$400 VALUE

Dreamer’s Roadmap Course

Science Meets Strategy: Your Course

The gap between dreaming and doing is knowledge. Arm yourself with the science of goal-setting, understanding the psychological and practical aspects, so you can craft a journey of success with precision.

$350 VALUE

Personal Branding Workshop

Become the Architect of Your Identity

The Personal Branding Workshop illuminates the path to crafting a personal narrative and equips you with the tools to refine and project your authentic self, so you can attract the right opportunities and collaborations. Dive into a workshop tailored to amplify your personal, so you can stand out and seize the opportunities you deserve.

$550 VALUE

Tailored Pathways, Not One-Size-Fits-All Tactics.

Each individual is a universe of possibilities. We focus on understanding your individual needs, so you can traverse a path designed exclusively for you.

Crafting Success with a Panoramic Perspective.

Broaden your horizons with an approach that sees everything. From dreams to challenges, we address it all, so you can step into a future of genuine success.

Your Dream’s Ally,
Today and Always.

No matter where life takes you, our commitment ensures you have a reliable companion, so you can navigate with assurance.

Join Dreamers, Achievers,
and Inspirers.

In our circle, you’re not alone. Our community is a treasure trove of insights, experiences, and mutual growth, so you can harness collective wisdom. Find your tribe with us.

Mastery Meets Mentorship:
Our Promise.

Unravel the path to your dreams with the support of an accomplished guide. Seasoned perspectives ensure you’re not just aiming but achieving, so you can craft your best success stories.

Tailored Dreams.
Personalized Paths.

Dreams are personal; so should be the path to them. Every resource provided caters to you, so you can grow at your pace, on your terms.

Destined for More? Let’s Ignite That Spark!

This is for you if…

  1. Ideas constantly swirl in your head, and you’re itching for a structured way to bring them to life.
  2. You’ve experienced moments of clarity, but need the tools to channel that insight into actionable steps.
  3. Every sunrise feels like an opportunity missed, and you yearn for the day your ambitions align with your reality.
  4. You’re tired of that nagging sensation that your potential isn’t being fully realized, and you’re ready for a change.
  5. Deep down, you believe you were meant for more and are determined to make your mark on the world.
  6. True success, for you, is a journey shared, where every accomplishment ripples into communal growth.

Content in Your Cocoon? Maybe This Isn’t Your Time.

This is not for you if…

  1. You’ve found your rhythm, and disrupting that—even for growth—doesn’t appeal to you.
  2. You often have bursts of inspiration, but are okay letting them fizzle out without any concrete action.
  3. Comfort zones are called so for a reason, and you’re not seeking an escape anytime soon.
  4. That voice whispering about untapped potential? You’re fine tuning it out and settling for ‘good enough.’
  5. You don’t feel the need to venture out, explore, or challenge boundaries; the status quo works for you.
  6. Life, for you, is about blending in, not standing out or steering the crowd.


Between work and personal commitments, I’m swamped. Can I still benefit from this program?

Absolutely. We’ve crafted this program with busy individuals in mind. While results often correlate with commitment, even dedicating small pockets of focused time can lead to significant shifts. Plus, the program’s flexibility lets you mold it around your schedule.

How much time will I need to invest to see real results from this program?

We understand that time is a precious commodity. Our program is designed to maximize results with targeted, effective strategies. Most participants spend 2-3 hours per week the first 8 weeks and then 4-6 hours per month the rest of the year, but remember: it’s not about quantity, but quality. Plus, think of it as a short-term investment for long-term gains.

How do I know this is a worthwhile investment and not just another expense?

Your aspirations are invaluable. This program isn’t a mere expense; it’s a catalyst for transformation. The skills and insights you’ll acquire aren’t just for now—they’re lifelong tools that many find priceless in the grand scheme.

Are there any additional or hidden costs involved?

Integrity is at the core of our brand. The investment you see is all-inclusive, with no hidden fees. We prioritize transparency so you can focus on your transformation without financial uncertainties.

What if I’ve tried other programs before and failed? How is this different?

It’s natural to feel apprehensive, especially if past experiences left you disappointed. Our program is unique because we focus not just on goals, but on holistic growth and the journey itself. We address the root of challenges, ensuring you not only set goals but achieve them. Every setback is a setup for a comeback.

Will I be another face in the crowd? I fear my concerns will go unnoticed.

Every dreamer in our program has a unique story, and we cherish them all. Our community is limited in size and built on individual recognition, support, and mutual growth. Here, every voice matters, and every concern is addressed.

What if my goals shift or evolve during the program?

Change isn’t just expected; it’s celebrated! Evolution is a sign of growth. Our program is dynamic, just like life, and we’ve made sure it can adapt to your evolving aspirations. After all, our core belief is that dreams are as unique and fluid as the dreamers themselves. We’re here to support your journey, wherever it might lead.

I’ve been told my dreams are too “out there”. Will this program work for someone like me?

We believe that if a dream tugs at your heart, it’s valid and beautiful. No dream is “too out there” when equipped with the right strategies and support. Our program is built to cater to a diverse range of aspirations, from the conventional to the wildly imaginative. So, yes, this program is very much for someone like you—a dreamer, ready to defy the odds.

If you made it this far, thank you!

Now, let’s talk about what’s possible, what’s within reach, and what’s waiting just for you.

  • Imagine the feeling when just one insight… Unlocks a world where self-doubt no longer holds you hostage, and every morning is greeted with purpose and passion.
  • Picture the relief when just one revelation… Clears the fog of uncertainty, letting the sun of your potential shine the brightest, guiding you to dreams once thought out of reach.
  • Visualize the instant when a singular strategy… Acts as the bridge, transitioning you from endless cycles of ‘what ifs’ to the exhilarating realm of ‘I did it!'”

This isn’t just an opportunity; it’s YOUR moment.

Don’t let the world define your potential. Grab hold of this chance to sculpt a brighter, bolder, more breathtaking version of yourself with Goals Bootcamp.

I believe in you, and I’ll be with you every step of the way!